Research and Innovation Executive

About the Research and Innovation Executive

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Innovation and the Research and Innovation Executive team is responsible for:

  • Leading the development of discovery and practice-based research
  • Building and enhancing capability across the University in research and innovation.
  • Coordination, implementation and enhancement university-wide research and innovation plans
  • Management of the Research and Innovation portfolio
  • Leadership and oversight of the development of policy and strategy as it relates to the University’s research profile
  • Leadership and management of projects deemed strategic priorities in the RMIT Strategic Plan.

Staff contacts


Professor Calum Drummond

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Innovation and Vice-President

Tel: (03) 9925 4265

Jane Holt

Executive Director, Research Office

Tel: (03) 9925 2070

Professor Denise Cuthbert

Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research Training and Development

Tel: (03) 9925 3786

Professor Xinghuo Yu

Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research Capability

Tel: (03) 9925 5317

Professor Min Gu

Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Contact: Emma James
Tel: (03) 9925 4963

Research executive support

David Parrish

Senior Advisor, Research Planning

Tel: (03) 9925 0459

Catherine Bevan-Jones

Executive Officer, Research and Innovation

Tel: (03) 9925 4273

Lillian Lowe

Executive Assistant to Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Innovation

Tel: (03) 9925 4265

Maggie Linton

Personal Assistant to Executive Director Research Office

Tel: (03) 9925 2070