Categories of Technology, Design and Enterprise

The following awards/prizes only are offered in three categories of Technology, Design or Enterprise:

The nominee for these will have to identify the defining feature of their research and provide evidence to show which category of Technology, Design, or Enterprise the research fits into.

Category guidance:

Research in the Technology category can relate to:

  • Creation of technology and/or
  • Development/improvement of technology and/or
  • Innovative use of technology in all disciplines and/or
  • Impacts of technology

Research in the Design category can relate to research producing:

  • A product or creative work and/or
  • A framework or structure and/or
  • A process

Research in the Enterprise category can relate to:

  • Research across all disciplines which involves industry engagement (industry includes government, businesses, community organisations, NGOs etc)
  • A contribution to productivity, efficiency or well-being (including policy contributions)

Examples of successful nominations in these categories can be viewed at the RMIT Research Awards Previous Recipients web page.

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