Research support

Being an academic is more than just teaching. It is about your research practice: managing the ethical, logistical, financial and legal aspects of your research.

The Research and Innovation Portfolio provides research advice and support.

Beginning my research

The Early Career Researcher (ECR) network supports and fosters the development of RMIT’s early career researchers.

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Funding my research

Research grants and funding advice and support services are provided by the Research Project Support team and the Schools and College research administration teams.

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Managing my research

Sound management of your research is essential for meeting our reporting and performing deadlines.

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Developing my contract

As a researcher there will be two main types of contract you'll need to develop in order to get your research project up and running.

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Publishing my research

Publishing and promoting your research is a core aspect of academic practice.

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Supervising my candidates

To supervise a research candidate is to advise and guide Higher Degree by Research (HDR) candidates in the conduct of their research program.

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Integrity and ethics

Information about data management, ethics approval process, containment levels, publishing your research and collaborations.

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Professional development for academics

Opportunities across a range of topics are offered to support RMIT's academics at every level.

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Enabling Capability Platforms

Enabling Capability Platforms are clusters of multi-disciplinary research and innovation capabilities that will be deployed to deliver significant economic, social and environmental impact.

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Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship team supports your research journey.

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Strategy and governance

Research policies and procedures, measure performance, and ensure research at is undertaken ethically and with integrity.

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Research contacts

People and contacts in the Research and Innovation Portfolio.

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