Departing staff exit survey

RMIT encourages staff to complete the online exit survey to assist the University to improve future experiences for staff members.  The University is seeking to obtain objective and confidential feedback from staff who are leaving the University

The exit survey provides the departing staff member with an opportunity to inform improvements of the working experience at RMIT.

Alternatively, the staff member may contact HR on (03) 9925 0600 to request an appointment for a HR-conducted face-to-face exit interview.

Frequently asked questions

1. Do I have to complete the exit survey?
Participation in the exit survey is not compulsory.

2. Can anyone complete an exit survey?
Continuing and fixed-term contract staff are invited to participate in exit surveys.

3. What happens to the information I provide on the exit survey?

The information collated is analysed by Human Resources to identify trends and opportunities for improvements to the University's practices as an employer.

Exit survey feedback (including any notes taken in an exit interview), are treated as confidential unless expressly permitted by the respondent. If the exiting staff member does not expressly permit the information provided to be used to inform positive workplace improvement conversations then the privacy of the individuals will be protected and the information will be collated and reported for trend analysis and action only.

4. Can I say anything I like in an exit survey?

Yes. Provide honest and frank feedback about your employment experiences.

You are welcome to communicate in writing or in interview about sensitive or serious issues. Any anonymous allegation made in an exit survey or exit interview may not be followed up by the University.

5. Can I talk to someone rather than fill in a survey?
Yes. Employees leaving RMIT University employment may request a personal, face-to-face exit interview through HR who will generally conduct and record the interview.