RMIT University Academic and Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement 2014

45. Long service leave


An employee will be entitled to long service leave of 1.3 weeks for each year of service. Employees are entitled to take long service leave after seven years service. Such leave will be on full pay provided that an employee may double all or part of the leave by taking it at half pay.


The following will not count as service for the purpose of long service leave accrual:

(a) any period of service after the date from which a pension is payable under the provisions of the Superannuation Act or of such other pension schemes where employees retire on the grounds of age or ill health.

(b) any period of service for which an employee has an entitlement to, or received, payment in lieu from a previous employer subject to clause 45.1, provided that such service will be recognised towards satisfying the requirement for 7 years service before leave may be taken.


An employee will have previous service with recognised employers counted towards long service leave accrual up to total of 10 years provided that the employee claims such recognition within six months of the date of appointment. The University will include details of the process for recognition in the letter of appointment and will notify the employee of the amount recognised as soon as possible but no later than 12 months after the date of appointment. Where service is recognised, the University may require that the employee complete up to three years service with the University before long service leave may be taken.


Subject to clauses 45.3 and 45.5 an employee may take long service leave at a time of her or his choosing provided six months written notice is given or the relevant manager is satisfied that the workload can be covered. Where an employee applies for leave that overlaps with a period of leave already granted to another employee in the work area, the approval of the application will be subject to operational requirements.


RMIT may direct in writing an employee with a long service leave balance of 4.5 months or more to take up to three months leave, commencing no sooner than 3 months (unless by agreement) and within 12 months after the direction at a time determined by the University, provided that an employee cannot be directed to take leave within 24 months of the intended date of retirement. A second direction will not be given within two years of the end of this period of leave.


No deduction from long service leave credits will occur for any public holiday observed by the University during a period of long service leave.


Payment of unused long service leave credits will be paid to an employee, or her or his legal representative where applicable, in the event that the employee dies or retires or has his or her employment terminated on the grounds of ill health after four years service with the University, or her or his employment terminates after seven years service inclusive of service recognised with a previous employer.


A payment in lieu of long service leave will be computed on a daily basis, equivalent to 1.3 weeks per annum.

Casual Long Service Leave


Any service as a casual staff member which meets the requirements of the Long Service Leave Act 1992 (Vic) will count as service for the purposes of long service leave provisions.

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