RMIT University Academic and Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement 2014

48. Forty-eight/Fifty-two (48/52) week employment cycle


With the University's agreement, an employee may elect to work under a 48/52 week employment cycle for a 12 month period.


A 48/52 week employment cycle will enable an employee to take four weeks leave in addition to the normal four weeks of annual leave in a year and receive 48 weeks salary, which would be payable over 52 weeks.


An employee's continued participation in the 48/52 week employment cycle is subject to annual review and approval by the University.


All periods of paid leave will accrue at the rate of 48/52 of the employee's full-time equivalent salary for that 12 month period during the 48/52 week employment cycle.


Where an employee is being paid on a 48/52 week employment cycle, and their employment terminates, the University will either provide additional payment to the employee or recoup payment from the employee’s termination benefits, so that the employee is paid for duties actually carried out up to the date of termination.


The University may require an employee to take all eight weeks leave during each year of the 48/52 week employment cycle.


The University will advise an employee of the superannuation implications prior to the employee entering into a 48/52 week employment cycle.


In specific circumstances an employee and the University may agree to another employment cycle arrangement, within the range of 46/52 and 51/52 weeks.

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