Relocation procedure

Intent and objectives

To facilitate fair and efficient relocation of staff between campuses which in turn will support flexibility in RMIT’s staffing arrangements.


All fixed-term and continuing staff whose appointments are of at least 12 months duration.


Casual staff; staff who instigate moving to a different campus through transfer, secondment, or changing position

Staff moving between

  • The Melbourne city campus (including Brunswick campus).
  • Melbourne and Hamilton, East Gippsland or offshore campuses.

Procedure steps and actions




1. Manager identifies possible need for relocation and defines nature of relocation


2. Manager communicates the need for relocation to affected staff in writing.

Discuss the reasons for relocation, the anticipated impact on staff, allowances and remedies available to staff directly affected and alternative options (as required).

Seek feedback from staff about possible impacts and mitigation strategies.


Staff directly affected by proposed relocation

Individual staff relocation – three months prior to relocation date.

Organisational unit relocation – six months prior to proposed relocation date.

A lesser period may be applied if agreeable to staff directly affected.

3. Agree on the nature of allowances and/or remedies available to staff directly affected and document these.

If staff and managers are unable to agree on suitable allowances and/or remedies or if staff believe they will suffer hardship due to the proposed relocation, staff can appeal to the delegated authority.

The delegated authority then proposes suitable remedies according to the nature of the appeal or hardship. These may include supporting staff to secure further employment at their current location.

If staff are unable to relocate and the University is unable to secure further employment, the delegated authority will negotiate a solution.

Note: If no resolution can be found, further action may be redeployment or redundancy.


Staff directly affected by proposed relocation

Delegated authority

As soon as practicable in all cases

4. Manager makes arrangements for staff directly affected to receive agreed allowances and/or remedies, including notifying Human Resources of relocation allowance to be paid to staff affected.


As soon as practicable

5. Monitor implementation of support and suitable remedies to achieve a successful resolution.


As required

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