RMIT Catering Panel

With menus satisfying all tastes and dietary requirements, there is an approved supplier from the RMIT Catering Panel to assist you with your next catered event, meeting or conference.

What kind of events does the RMIT Catering Panel provide for?

Providing food & beverages at:

Catering Panel

Onsite training, meeting or conference


Offsite venue without catering services, eg. Hall or outdoor space


Offsite venue with their own catering arrangements, eg. Hotel or conference venue


Food Truck, coffee vendor or student pizza lunch (or similar)


How can I cater for Special Dietary Requirements?

For a full list of RMIT approved caterers and the special dietary requirements they can accommodate please refer to the RMIT Catering Panel (pdf)

How do I contact the Catering Panel?

For an up to date list of Caterers, their service offering and contact details please refer to the “RMIT Catering Panel Guide 2017

How do I buy catering?

When purchasing from the catering panel

Purchase Card (Pcard) (less than $5,000 per order)

Step 1: Select the provider from the RMIT Catering Panel that you wish to engage.

Step 2: Confirm your catering requirements with the provider.

Step 3: Pay via an RMIT Pcard before the event.

Step 4: Reconcile the $0 balance tax invoice via ProMaster

Blanket Purchase Order (PO) (no limit)

Step 1: Select a provider from the RMIT Catering Panel and request a blanket purchase order (PO) via RMIT Financial Services for an estimate of annual expenditure.

Step 2: Confirm your event’s catering requirements with the provider and quote the PO number.

Step 3: Submit the tax invoice with the PO number quoted and signed ‘ok to pay’ to RMIT Purchasing.

When not purchasing from the catering panel (see table above)

Step 1: Confirm your event’s catering requirements with the provider

Step 2: After the event submit the tax invoice marked as a ‘once off supplier’, include the IO and Cost Centre to be charged and signed as ‘ok to pay’ within financial delegation. Do not create a new vendor.

I'd like some advice or help please!

You can contact the Procurement team on email or via the Procurement Support Line ext. 51100.