RMIT International Industry Experience and Research Program

The RMIT International Industry Experience and Research Program (RIIERP) allows around 200 students to carry out vocational training and research projects at world-class businesses in Europe, North America and Asia annually. The RIIERP program also provides students in all RMIT disciplines the opportunity to participate in internships across 17 countries worldwide.

For information on our current partner companies and institutions, please visit the RIIERP Partner Companies and Institutions page here.

The RIIERP program is the only one of its kind in Australia. It provides opportunities for students across all RMIT disciplines to undertake international work experience and research within leading organisations in Europe, North America and Asia.

RIIERP offers six main work placement and collaborative research opportunities. These program components have been designed to match student needs with company requirements and to maximise the relevance of participating students’ current level of study and experience.

Visit RIIERP on the Students website for detailed information about the program including a list of current RIIERP partners.

The role of the RIIERP office is to:

  • Enable access to company research infrastructure and grants for Master by research and PhD students
  • Foster collaborative research between RMIT academics and company researchers in areas of mutual interest
  • Leverage overseas company partnerships to provide work integrated learning (WIL) and research projects locally for RMIT students
  • Foster the involvement of company experts in the teaching and learning programs at RMIT
  • Foster collaboration between overseas partner companies and local companies
  • Foster RMIT’s engagement with the global industry
  • Enable RMIT to use company feedback to assess the quality of its graduates and students from a global perspective.


For information/advice on:

  • goals of the program
  • the 200+ companies that participate in the RIIERP program
  • conditions of placement
  • projects available for vocational training and research
  • the application process
  • the different components of the program
  • the envisioned benefits of participation in the program
  • financial arrangements for participants
  • credit bearing courses of the program

Contact: Professor Sylvester Abanteriba, Director RIIERP