Global Partner Approval Process (GPAP)

A simplified process for partner selection and approval.

The International Relations Office is responsible for the oversight, management and quality assurance of RMIT’s global engagements that are bound by a formal agreement.

The Global Partner Approval Process (GPAP), ensures a simple and consistent approach towards partner selection.

Agreement Scope

The diagram below outlines the scope and responsibilities of agreements as part of the Global Partner Approval Process. For more information regarding the University-wide financial, legal, and academic delegations, please visit the RMIT Delegations Policy.



New Partnership Proposal

The International Relations Office provides expert support, guidance and services to University staff and education partners on a range of international partnership activities.

To propose new global partners that are bound by a formal agreement, please follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Review the Global Agreements Map to see if the proposed institution is an existing partner (If yes, please see ‘Agreements with Existing Partners’ below)
  • Step 2: Determine the relevant Agreement Type required for your proposal
  • Step 3: Consult the relevant Subject Expert (SE) for advice and next steps

*Step 4: For MOUs and Credit Agreement proposal only, please submit your request through this brief online form – the Global Partner Lifecycle Register (GPLR)


Agreements with existing partners

Scenario 1: An existing agreement with an existing partner is extended or renewed:

The proposal does not need to be submitted through the GPLR form. A memo from the relevant Subject Expert outlining the existing partnership and proof of the initial partner approval is required.

As soon as the new agreement has been signed, the proposer is responsible for proving IR with the partner and agreement details (copy of agreement, approval memo and TRIM number) so that the GPLR can be updated in a timely fashion.

Scenario 2: A new agreement is to be developed with an existing partner:

The proposal needs to be submitted through the GPLR form. If the existing partner is an active partner and has been approved via the former gateway or new GPAP process, a memo outlining the existing partnership and the proposed new activity is required.

If the existing partner is inactive and/or was not approved within the gateway/GPAP process, IR would need to conduct a new partner assessment.

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