20 October 2015

Helping students get the maximum fee concession

The Academic Registrar Group has been working in partnership with ITS via the Student Administration Agile Release Train (StAART) to change the way RMIT records vocational education fee concessions in the Student Administration Management System (SAMS).

Staff can now record fee concessions at the class level (rather than the term level) for 2016 enrolments.

As a result:

  • students will get the maximum fee concession available
  • students will only have to submit an application once a year (instead of once a year for each eligible program)
  • staff will be able to apply fee concessions before a student is enrolled, which means students will be correctly charged the concession fee rate upon enrolment
  • there will be clearer fee concession records for staff and students
  • student enquiries and appeals will be reduced
  • RMIT remains compliant with Victorian Government legislation and audit requirements.

To find out more about project activities, visit the Global Enrolments Project Google site.