Renting vehicles

Renting vehicles within Australia

When renting vehicles for University purposes in Australia, do not purchase insurance on the vehicle or personal accident benefits. The vehicle (and also damage caused to other vehicles) is covered by the University’s Motor Vehicle insurance.

Medical and hospital costs for drivers, passengers and/or pedestrians arising from accidents involving registered motor vehicles are covered by the Transport Accident Commission (TAC).

Renting motor vehicles overseas

When renting a vehicle outside Australia while on authorised University travel, insurance must be purchased as part of the rental arrangement (as the University insurance provides no cover outside Australia).

You should carefully read the insurance provisions provided by the car rental company and ensure that insurance includes cover for:

  • Liability for your passengers, those in other vehicles and pedestrians;
  • Liability for third party property damage (including other vehicles); and
  • Damage to the rental vehicle.

Note any exclusions, excesses payable and limits and be prepared to rent elsewhere if you are not comfortable with the extent of cover that is offered.