Making a claim under RMIT’s personal accident insurance policy

RMIT has a personal accident insurance policy which extends to all staff and students whilst on authorised RMIT-related business or activities – on or off campus.

This includes WIL and work experience directly related to and supporting a student’s current area of study; and for RMIT students and non-RMIT students who are members of RMIT associations and clubs (for club activities).

Coverage under this policy is confined to accidents which are described as “an unforeseen event resulting in injury”. The policy provides not coverage for sickness or pre-existing injury.

The policy also includes journey insurance for staff – providing coverage for injuries sustained whilst a staff member is travelling directly between place of residence and place of business.

A key exclusion in the policy is the non-coverage of medical expenses that can be covered / claimed elsewhere – e.g.

  • Medical expenses claimable under the Australian Medical prescribed scheme
  • Medical expenses claimable under personal health insurance cover
  • Expenses claimable through the TAC or similar organisations

Schedule of benefits

The policy summary (PDF 181KB, 5p) details the key benefits provided under the policy.

How to make a claim

  1. Read the insurance policy summary to ensure your claim is covered by the policy
  2. Print out the claim form
  3. Complete all relevant sections of the claim form
  4. Have your doctor complete section four (4) – “attending physician’s statement”
  5. Receipts must be provided for all expenses being claimed
  6. If claims relate to loss of income you must complete the Tax File Number Declaration form (PDF 491kb, 6p). For further information, please refer to PAYG Claims Information (PDF 220kb, 1p).
  7. Send completed claim form and supporting documentation to who will forward the claim to the insurer on your behalf