Emergency response

Reporting an emergency

Current reporting processes are as follows:

What is an emergency?

An emergency is defined by the following characteristics:

  • Sudden, serious, urgent and usually unexpected
  • Needing Emergency Services support
  • Does not threaten the reputation, business continuity or survival of the University in whole or in part
  • Can be localized or wide-scale
  • Often arising internally

If a situation has a more significant impact, or doesn’t arise from an emergency in the first instance, see the crisis management page for more information.

Emergency response processes review

An emergency procedures manual is in place and an Emergency Planning Committee is in the process of reviewing and updating that manual, as part of a wider review of the University’s business continuity management framework. This review will result in emergency response procedures that:

  • Are easily understood and immediately accessibly by responsible staff in the event of an emergency
  • Detail responsible staff, alternate nominees and 24 hour contact details
  • Enable an emergency response team to be immediately convened, dependent upon the type of emergency involved
  • Clearly define when an emergency should be escalated to a crisis, and by whom
  • Provide for regular and timely reviews to ensure emergency contact details remain current
  • Are aligned with the other components of the RMIT business continuity plan, including the crisis management plan

The Committee comprises of representatives from across the university where emergencies may impact upon staff, students, facilities or members of the public.

Updated procedures will be scenario based and will include quick reference guides for groupings of like scenarios (e.g. property based, student based, environment based) that will include quick response checklists that should be able to be remembered or referenced at times of high stress and confusion.

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