Using Legal Services

Instructions should be given to Legal Services by means of a completed and signed Client Request form. Addressing the matters contained in the Client Request form will help ensure that your request for legal services is properly dealt with, with a minimum turnaround time.

Legal Services personnel are also happy to answer routine telephone queries from time to time - a Client Request form is not required for this.

Please note: The Legal Services Group do not provide legal services or advice to students. Information for students can be found on the Student Legal Services web site.

Costs and fees

How much does it cost your department to have the Legal Services Group advise you?

There is no charge for services provided by the Legal Office. However, it should be noted: Where the Legal Office is required to undertake company searches, credit checks etc. on behalf of a client, those costs will be passed on. While the Legal Office endeavours to handle most legal work without outsourcing, in some instances outsourcing is necessary - for example, litigation, complex commercial property transactions, international matters which require off-shore legal input. The policy in relation to such costs is as follows:

  • If the matter is a commercial transaction intended to generate revenue, outsourced legal costs will be passed on.
  • The Vice President Resources may from time to time determine that in some instances it is not appropriate for Legal Services to bear outsourced legal costs.
  • A budget for major University projects should allocate a component for legal fees.

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