Emergency SMS System

What is the Emergency SMS System?

To protect the safety of our students in an emergency, RMIT needs to be able to communicate swiftly.

Our Emergency SMS System allows us to send a 160-character SMS (text messages) instantly to all students who have entered a valid mobile phone number into their University records.

This system will be used to contact students quickly and directly in the event that essential services are disrupted, campus access becomes restricted or some other kind of emergency occurs.

Please note that this system will be available only to students, not staff, at this stage.

The networks currently covered by the Emergency SMS System are Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and Three.

Adding or updating your mobile phone number

Students can update their phone numbers either via myRMIT or Enrolment online. Please log on to myRMIT for instructions on how to update your records.


The phone numbers that the Emergency SMS System uses are extracted from personal records in the Student Administration Management System (SAMS). Information is stored in a secure database that is protected against unauthorised access. The database is updated daily from SAMS.

The Emergency SMS System will be used only to contact students in an emergency (or to test the system). All information is treated in accordance with RMIT’s Privacy Policy.

If you received this message in error:

Previous RMIT students

After you cease to be a student of the University, it takes some time for your record to become inactive in the University's databases. During this time, you may still receive messages from the Emergency SMS System. There is no need to take any action, as you will stop receiving these messages as a matter of course once your student record becomes inactive.

People who are not previous students

We are aware of rare occasions when a University student has provided an incorrect or out-of-date mobile number, causing another person not connected to the University to receive messages. In this event, we apologise for any inconvenience or concern the receipt of our message may have caused. Please email us at news@rmit.edu.au and we will endeavour to have our records corrected.

Guide to formatting your mobile phone number

The Emergency SMS System may not be able to send to your mobile phone if your number is not in the right format.

Please include numbers only. Australian mobile numbers should be 10 digits and begin with 04. Please do not list a landline phone number as your mobile number, as the system can only send to mobile phones.

If you have feedback or queries about the emergency SMS messaging system, please email news@rmit.edu.au.