About Campus Safety and Security

Security Control Centre on the City Campus

The Campus Safety and Security Reception on the City Campus is located in Building 5, Level 1, (enter via Chemistry Lane).

Security locations and contact details

Take note of Campus Safety and Security’s location and contact details on your campus.

RMIT Security works to ensure that the University’s campuses are safe and stable environments for students, staff and visitors.

RMIT Security is responsible for the University’s onshore campuses: City, Bundoora and Brunswick.

RMIT Security reacts to incidents on campus swiftly and efficiently. Security staff’s response to emergency situations is immediate and they are available to deal with less critical situations – like the unlocking of offices – within 10 to 15 minutes.

RMIT Security also takes a pre-emptive and proactive approach to on-campus safety by assessing potential risks to the University community and University property and taking measures to alleviate those risks.

Campus Safety and Security staff divisions

Campus Safety and Security is part of RMIT University’s Property Services division. The Security team is comprised of:

  • Security officers/Control Room Officers who report to Security Shift Supervisors, and:
    • Patrol the campuses – buildings and grounds
    • Monitor University alarm systems and the CCTV system
  • Security systems and CCTV team who:
    • Coordinate staff and visitor building access requests (includes after-hours access) to ensure protection of the University community and property
    • Coordinate students’ after-hours access requests to RMIT teaching and learning facilities to enable them to fulfill their study requirements
    • Provide advice to Property Services regarding the implementation of security systems in buildings undergoing renovations and newly constructed buildings
  • A Prevention and Investigations Coordinator who:
    • Compiles and analyses statistics on criminal activity on campus
    • Produces monthly reports of illegal activity on campus, security concerns and the implementation of criminal preventative measures
    • Coordinates investigations into any criminal activity on campus
    • Provides on-campus and off-campus training on the increasing of personal safety.

Our services

RMIT Security’s responsibilities include:

  • Provision of a 24-hour-a-day security presence on campus.
  • Provision of security access (includes after-hours access) to RMIT buildings for staff, students and visitors to the University.
  • Provision of an escort service (during business hours and after hours) for staff and students, upon request.
  • Maintenance of statistics for on-campus criminal activity, accidents, medical emergencies, and security concerns.
  • Provides a crowd-control service. Presides over large-scale events at RMIT University (including the annual Graduation Parade) and are present at on-campus demonstrations to ensure that they are conducted in an orderly fashion.
  • Assessment of potential risks to RMIT property, staff, students and visitors and advisement on effective control measures to minimise these identified risks and protection of the University community and its physical assets.
  • Coordination of emergency action in accordance with RMIT emergency policies, including evacuation from premises.
  • Reporting maintenance problems through Property Services’ online facilities services request system (ARCHIBUS).
  • Provision of security patrols to manage RMIT car parks and traffic congestion.