Bomb Threats

Bomb or substance threats are usually a form of communication, written or verbal, delivered by electronic (email, fax, etc.), oral (telephone, tape recording), or other medium (letter) which are frequently used to disrupt business or cause alarm.

Because each threat is different, it is almost impossible to have a detailed procedure for each contingency. These procedures are designed to help you assess the level of the threat and, on the information available, decide on a course of action.

Most bomb threats are transmitted over the telephone; thus, the following instructions will be provided with that assumption:

    • Keep calm. If possible attract the attention of a fellow worker
    • Keep the caller on the line as long as possible to gather information
    • Use this bomb threat checklist; this check list can be used as evidence against the perpetrator of the threat in any subsequent legal proceedings.
    • Obtain as much detail as possible about the bomb and its location
    • Listen carefully for any background noises, speech mannerisms, accents or any other details that might give a clue to the age, sex, identity and location of the caller
    • DO NOT discuss the call with other occupants
    • Immediately after the threat contact the Police 0-000 and RMIT Campus Safety and Security Ext. 53333 and your Management
    • Complete the threat checklist and hand it to RMIT Campus Safety and Security.