Locksmithing Services

Property Services are responsible for the control and maintenance of all the University’s locking systems.

The following Access and Key Control guidelines are designed to:

  • protect the University’s assets
  • provide staff with a safe working environment that adheres to all Occupational Health and Safety standards
  • allow flexible and convenient access to the University for all authorised staff.

Key Control Officer responsibilities

  • Authorise and justify key orders and/or lock cylinder changes for School / Portfolio/Group’s security requirements.
  • Responsible for acceptance of all key(s) by signature.
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date records – via a Key Register database – on all issued keys within the University. E.g. Name, Location, Date Issued/Returned, Signature. Records may be periodically audited to ensure they are accurate and up-to-date.
  • Responsible for distribution of keys to appropriate staff members.
  • Maintain key control by possessing a full understanding of the Master Key System and monitoring what rooms and areas staff require or do not require access to, within their respective areas.

Key holder responsibilities

  • Once a key has been signed for, it is the responsibility of the key holder (full-time, part-time or sessional staff, or research student) to ensure the safe keeping of the key.
  • Keys are NOT transferable. At no time, should there be any reason to give a key to another party or staff member.
  • Staff members who lose a key or have it stolen must immediately report it to RMIT Security and the relevant Key Control Officer for the School / Department./Division. The cylinders/keys will be promptly replaced and the integrity of the University’s security can be maintained. In some instances, depending on the potential impact of the lost key/s, the School or Division to which the staff member or research student belongs, will incur a charge for the replacement of the key/s and cylinder/s.
  • When any key holder is no longer employed by the School / Department/Division, he or she must hand their key(s) back to the Key Control Officer. If the key(s) are not returned, the School /Department/Division will take steps to obtain the key/s.
  • All other key holder responsibilities are outlined by the individual School / Department as they see fit to maintain the highest level of Security for their respective department(s).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a locksmithing service?

To request a locksmithing service (including new or replacement keys, cylinders or faults etc.) please contact your Key Control Officer who will log the request with the Property Service Service Desk through the online portal, via phone or email.

Some locksmithing services incur a charge.

How long does it take to get a new key?

Once a work request is approved via the Property Service Service Desk, new keys take up to five business days. Urgent queries can be expedited.

My lock’s not working or requires maintenance. Who do I contact?

Please contact your Key Control Officer who will log the request with the Property Services Service Desk. When providing the information, please ensure that you include:

  • Your contact details
  • What is wrong with the lock
  • Where the door / lock is located.

How do I change my lock cylinder?

If you need your lock cylinder changed or re-keyed, you must first discuss this with your Key Control Officer who has the responsibility to either authorise or decline your request.

If the Key Control Officer authorises your request, he/she will log the request with the Property Services’ Service Desk.

What happens if I lose a key?

If you lose a key, you MUST immediately report this to RMIT Security and the relevant Key Control Officer for your School/Portfolio/Group.

From there, the appropriate action can be taken to replace the keys and the integrity of the University’s security can be maintained.

Often, lost keys are handed in at one of RMIT Security’s Control Points.

Please check with Security when you report the lost key(s) to ensure that they haven’t been found or handed in.

What happens if I find a key?

If you find a key(s), please hand it in at either the RMIT Security Control Point on your campus or your Key Control Officer.

Who is my Key Control Officer?

If you are unsure who your Key Control Officer is, please contact your Client Relations Manager.

What happens if a Key Control Officer leaves?

If a Key Control Officer leaves or if a new Key Control Officer is appointed by a School/Department/Division, please immediately notify your Client Relations Manager so that all records can be updated.

No spare keys should be kept in a department at any time.