Textbook adoption

Staff can request textbooks and course readers to be stocked through the RMIT Campus Store at the City and Bundoora campuses.

Textbook adoption submissions

Textbook adoption lists are shared by the Campus Store in Google sheets format to each School (provided to nominated Schools liasions by the end of April for Semester 2 and by the end of September for Semester 1). Staff may amend the lists and add new courses and textbooks as required.

Once the nominated cut-off date is reached the sharing via Google sheets is concluded and no new information may be provided in this format. Any textbook information provided after these dates may be emailed to aggie.kong@rmit.edu.au.

If sea freight cut-off dates are missed, additional air freight costs will passed on of up to $10 per book.

Course reader barcode request form

This form is used to generate barcode labels for course readers so that relevant pricing details can be entered into the Campus Store's database.

Other course materials

To stock lab coats, equipment, student uniforms, specialised kits and other course materials please contact Aggie Kong at aggie.kong@rmit.edu.au or on ext. 59877.