CES Reliability Bands

From Semester 1, 2013 all CES reports issued by the SSC will contain a reliability assessment. The reliability calculation is based on the number of enrolments and the number of responses to the CES at the course/class level. One of three reliability bands will be shown on each report. The bands are labelled "Good", "Sufficient" and "Insufficient". The reliability band applied at the course/class level will apply to all individual teacher reports. For example, if the number of responses at course/class level is "Sufficient", all individual teacher reports will contain the same reliability assessment.

The reliability assessment will state "With X responses from a survey population of Y, the data presented in this report are considered to be 'Good' OR 'Sufficient' OR 'Insufficient' for use, including academic expectations"

On each report, the number of responses needed to be considered "Sufficient" and "Good" will be shown.

A reliability assessment calculator is available here. Simply enter the number of responses and the survey population and the reliability calculator will show the number of responses needed for each band.