Staff survey

Welcome to RMIT's Staff Survey website. Staff Surveys help us understand your experience of working here - so we can see where improvements have been made, and where attention is still required.

The 2017 Staff Survey will run from 4 September. Please see below for common questions.

Why are we conducting a survey of staff?

We want to find out more about what it’s like to work at RMIT today. What are the great things about working here and what can we improve? The Staff Survey helps us understand the strengths of RMIT and areas needing attention. The survey results will be used to inform a range of activities at all levels and all areas of the University. It also gives us the opportunity to benchmark against previous staff surveys.

Why should I complete the survey?

Your voice is important, and our success depends on listening to you and making the changes that need to be made. This is your chance to provide feedback to senior leaders about what your experience of working at RMIT is like and what matters to you.

Schools and work units will also receive their own results and be responsible for devising an action plan to address them. Much of your experience of being an RMIT staff member is influenced by what happens day-to-day – so the survey will also give your managers valuable information about what needs to happen at this level as well.

Who can complete the survey?

We want to hear from everyone! All continuing, fixed-term and casual/sessional staff on all campuses in Australia and globally will be invited to complete a survey.

I am a casual/sessional staff member. Will I be paid for the time it takes to complete this survey?

Yes you will be paid for any extra time it takes to complete the survey.

Why was Voice Project chosen to conduct the survey?

Voice Project is a leading provider of employee engagement, customer service and 360 leadership surveys. Voice Project was selected to deliver our engagement survey for the following reasons:

  • An external provider helps to maintain the anonymity and confidentiality of all responses.
  • Voice Project has extensive expertise in employee engagement research and has developed a psychometrically sound instrument with good validity and reliability.
  • Voice Project has run this survey with over 170 organisations. In particular they have strong experience within the higher education sector and have conducted the same survey with about 30 other Australian universities. This broad experience enables us to compare our results with other universities as well as other industries.
  • By running the same survey again, we are able to compare the 2017 results for our fixed term/continuing staff with surveys from 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2015. We will be able to identify the impact of activities since the last survey and understand what has changed – for better or worse.

What is the survey measuring?

The Voice Project survey provides us with an opportunity to:

  • Measure employee engagement* across RMIT
  • Get feedback on RMIT’s performance across a range of work factors, and
  • Analyse how our performance against those factors impacts employee engagement at RMIT.

* Employee engagement is defined within the Voice Project survey as incorporating three concepts: Organisational Commitment, Job Satisfaction and Intention to Stay.

Other surveys provide the opportunity to better understand staff satisfaction at work or can provide analysis of organisational culture. These measures alone would not provide us with specific analysis to inform action that is targeted at improving the experience of working at RMIT. The key purpose of the survey is to inform strategies to improve attraction and retention of staff and the analysis provided by the Voice Project survey will provide us with clear information to ensure we focus on the right actions.

Why do a survey when we already know what we need to do?

The survey provides us with a unique opportunity to seek feedback from all RMIT staff. Through consultation and experience, senior leaders do have a general sense of the strategies and actions that could be taken to improve the attraction and retention of an energetic and engaged workforce. However, input from all staff is critical. A survey such as this gives us a clearer understanding of what people value about working at RMIT, and how well the University is meeting the needs of its staff. It will lead to a well-informed focus on priorities for actions to improve the experience of working at RMIT.

When can I complete the survey?

The survey will be open from Monday 4 September – Friday 15 September. You will receive an email inviting you to complete the survey, which is completed online.

How long will it take me to complete the survey?

On average the survey takes 15-20 minutes to complete. We encourage you to take some time to think about what it’s like to work at RMIT right now, and set aside some quiet time during the survey period to respond.

What can I do if I’m having trouble completing the survey online?

The survey should be available on any computer with internet access, whether you’re on or off campus. If you’re having difficulty accessing the survey online, please contact the HR Assist team for advice – on 9925 0600 or email If the query needs escalating we will seek answers from our centres of expertise.

What will happen with my responses?

The survey is anonymous and every effort is made to ensure that individual responses are not identifiable. Your response to the survey is submitted directly to Voice Project (the external survey provider), who analyse all responses and generate aggregated reports. We will be provided with reports for the ‘whole of RMIT’, in addition to individual reports for colleges/portfolios and schools/work units.

Demographic and diversity data will also be collected and analysed to assess whether different groups of staff have unique experiences and concerns.

To ensure confidentiality, as well as the validity of the data, Voice Project will only report aggregated responses from groups of 10 or more respondents. If there are less than 10 responses in your group, your responses will contribute to your wider College/Portfolio report but will not be reported at the group level.

Can the demographic questions be used to identify survey respondents?

The demographic data collected will be used simply to analyse trends in responses for groups of staff. Aggregated reports of responses by different demographic groups will only be generated at the University level, and only where there are more than 10 respondents in a category.

If you are uncomfortable answering the demographic questions these can be left blank – but we do encourage you to fully complete the survey. If we are unable to collect strong demographic data, we won’t be able to reliably determine how particular groups at RMIT experience working at here and we won’t be able to appropriate target actions to improve that experience.

The demographic questions asked will include gender, age, classification, campus location, and length of service.

There will be some questions to identify how diverse our workplace is.

How do I know which work area I am situated in?

The survey will include a drop down list of schools and work units so that you can select which your work area you are in and we can report back your localised results.

If you’re not sure which group you are in, please ask your manager for advice in the first instance. You can also contact HR Assist for help – call 9925 0600 or email

Will my manager know what I’ve said?

No, the survey is completely anonymous. In designing the survey and reporting approach we have worked closely with Voice Project (the survey provider) to ensure that your response will remain confidential and that no individual’s response can be identified. Neither Voice Project nor anyone at RMIT will have the names of individuals who complete the survey.

How can I offer feedback about how the survey is being conducted?

If you have any feedback or suggestions about how the survey is being conducted please email

When can I get a copy of the results?

University-wide results will be available on the RMIT website in November. Results for your area will be made available through your senior leaders in November.

How will the results be used?

The 2017 survey results will be considered by the Vice Chancellor’s Executive (VCE) and as a larger group at the Executive Leadership level. Budget has been allocated to support actions arising from the results of the survey at the University level. The results will also be used to inform actions within schools/work units for 2017-2018, and ongoing through business planning and workforce planning cycles.