How to enrol continuing students

Guidelines for admitting and enrolling continuing students at all offshore partners – except for Singapore Institute of Management.

Students must re-enrol each year

  • All RMIT students must re-enrol each year.
  • Enrolment takes place prior to the start of semester/teaching period.
  • The date for re-enrolment is published in the academic calendar for each partner.
  • Continuing students must attend re-enrolment at the partner as notified by RMIT.

Send your active student file

Before students can be re-enrolled you must email your Excel file listing the continuing students who will be re-enrolling into your program to

Make sure your file contains each student’s:

  • RMIT student ID
  • the program and plan in which they are active and will be enrolling
  • the term into which they will be enrolling.

Note: when you are planning, please consider the processing times in relation to the scheduled re-enrolment date.

Request enrolment forms

Before they can be permitted to enrol, all RMIT students must fully complete an Enrolment and statistical data form for each program and each academic year.

In addition, offshore students have to complete a Course selection template once per academic year.

To request your Enrolment and statistical data forms, college/school staff must:

  • email a request to stating whether you want them in PDF or hard copy format
  • ensure students are active (admitted) in the program as forms can only be generated for active (admitted) students
  • allow enough time for the forms to be produced.

Re-enrol your students

Re-enrolment takes place during the orientation, induction or welcome session that is held before the students’ first teaching period.

During enrolment:

  • students can complete and submit a Change of personal information form
  • staff should ensure students complete, sign and date their:
    • enrolment forms, and
    • course selection template
  • authorised RMIT or partner staff will date stamp all related documentation
  • the partner will transfer the stamped forms to the relevant RMIT school or college administrator (who will check the forms before forwarding to Global Enrolment Services in the ARG).

After enrolment:

Late applications/enrolment

Students cannot be admitted to enrol after the census date.

However, students who apply for a program after the application closing date may be admitted provided the school/college provides written approval.

You can submit late applicants’ admit details using the Quick Admit Slip.

Please notify the student/s that their access to online learning materials will be delayed.