Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2008

Summary of Projects

Project Title

Enhanced Teaching and Learning Interactivity in a Large Enrolment Course: Marketing Principles

Project Leaders

Dr Raju Mulye

Funds Approved

$ 28,870

Summary of the project, outcomes, impacts and dissemination

This LTIF project aimed at exploring the enhanced learning opportunities provided by the new technology of electronic response systems and pod casting. A review of the literature suggests that when such initiatives are used as part of a wider effort to support active engagement with learning there is evidence that they can support increased motivation and attainment, at least in part as a result of their ability to provide rapid feedback on the learning process.

The SRS system was most successful when it was used with mature age students and available free of charge. The Pod casting system, on the other hand, was wholeheartedly embraced by all students and was viewed as the most important feature of the course. The participation rate increased from 40% to 90% over two semesters with the implementation of the hybrid SRS system. The SRS technology appeared to have a positive impact on the learning environment with more class participation ensuing from the discussion of the polled results. More importantly, the feedback from these trials helped “Click On” developers to come up with a world first system based on the integration of CSIRO’s Votapedia technology. We believe the enthusiasm for these approaches will grow as the system is developed further and the technical impediments in implementation are resolved.

In terms of learning outcomes, although there was no appreciable decrease in failure rate, there was a substantial increase in student satisfaction rating measured by the course experience survey. In fact this is the first time in the history of the course that a Good Teaching Score (GTS) as high as 71 was attained in the lecture stream in which the clickers were tested. Of particular significance is the contribution this project has made toward RMIT’s learning and teaching priorities to engage students in active learning and provide timely feedback to both student and lecturer in large classes.

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