Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2011

Summary of projects

Project title

Interactive online group learning: pilot of equivalence and comparability models in Science, Engineering and Health

Project leaders

  • Dr Mark Gregory
  • Mr Warren Nageswaran

Project team

  • Mr Arvind Sharma
  • Dr Thurai Vinay
  • Dr Daryl D’Souza
  • Ms Leanne Trinder
  • Mr Gregory Plumb
  • Ms Meg Colasante
  • Dr Halil Ali

Project summary

RMIT’s strengths in learning and teaching, technology and modern communication systems, networks and applications provides a solid basis to introduce education on a Global footprint that is connected with professions, International organisations and industry. Students indicate that online learning activities are ideal because they are available 24/7. The project utilised the strategy and framework for adopting models of equivalence and comparability developed within the Business College that aims to achieve an optimum use of Gregory_SEH_LTIF2011_ FinReport_v9.docxPage 3 October 2011

RMIT’s Enterprise suite of educational technologies. The participating academics came from Engineering TAFE, Mathematics and Geospatial Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science and Information Technology. Courses involved within these areas are delivered onshore, offshore, through Open Universities Australia and online (at least partially). Ten student groups participated in the project and the groups were distributed across the participating academics and courses. The project evaluation included an academic and student review including a survey regarding the work-relevant and connected nature of the project outcomes, and course coordinator interviews. The project was successfully completed and the project goals achieved.


This LTIF 2011 project has produced proposed changes to the Palaskas (2011) E&C model. The proposed changes are:

Joint activities including students from different courses/programs/cohorts, e.g. on-shore, off-shore, on-campus, off-campus (distance), courses/programs taught in multi-campus.

Post course empirical evaluation of the student results across cohorts to identify major differences in results.

The following outcomes support the proposed changes and implementation:

Dissemination of the project outcomes and E&C model changes is in progress, plus one work-in-progress styled paper has been completed, for several peer reviewed publications:

AJEE – journal paper in draft

ASCILITE 2011 - Colasante, M., (2011), “Nicola Building Virtual Tour; Considering simulation in the equity of experience concept”, G.Williams, P. Statham, N. Brown, B. Cleland (Eds.), Changing Demands, Changing Directions. Proceedings ASCILITE, Hobart 2011, pp.263-268

AAEEC 2012 – conference paper in draft

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