Collaboration on Wheels (COW)

Collaboration on Wheels (COW) are mobile units that can be used anywhere by staff and student groups to facilitate collaboration.


Students working together using a COW unit.

Based on the model successfully deployed at QUT, RMIT has introduced twenty COW units that feature a large screen monitor on a wheeled trolley that can be easily moved between teaching spaces as required. They can be used with either the on-board computer or a laptop computer.

Getting started

COW units are available for staff and student use in the RMIT Libraries and do not require prior booking. COW units are also available in several schools in the college of Design and Social Context and the college of Science, Engineering and Health.

The units can be used either with the on-board computer with wireless keyboard and mouse, or by connecting a laptop to the monitor with the cables provided.

Good practice

  • The introduction of one or more COW units into a teaching space allows the space to be configured for collaborative learning activities.
  • Encourage your students to use the available COW units in the Library to facilitate group work.

User guides