Research integrity and governance

The Research Office provides services relating to the support for research integrity and governance including: maintaining the RMIT research governance framework and accompanying policies and procedures and providing advice and coordinating Human, Animal and Gene Modification ethics and research integrity. The Research Integrity, Governance and Systems Team provides these services.

Further information and resources are available at Research Integrity and governance.

6.1. Develop and maintain the RMIT research governance framework

  • Develop and coordinate the RMIT Research Governance Framework and accompanying policies and procedures through RMIT Research Committee Working Groups
  • Provide advice relating to research integrity and research governance matters.

6.2. Manage the initial investigation of allegations of research misconduct

  • Fulfil the duties of the Designated Person under the Code (Part B of the Code)
  • Support Research Integrity Advisors (RIAs)
  • Receive allegations and complaints.

6.3. Coordinate Research governance

  • Support the RMIT Research Committee
  • Communicate Research Integrity matters to College and School Research Committees
  • Communicate new research integrity policies and procedures to stakeholders
  • Support the DVC R&I Executive Committee.

6.4. Coordinate Human Research Ethics governance

  • Support the University Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC)
  • Coordinate College Human Ethics Advisory Network (CHEAN)
  • Provide advice regarding compliance with human research ethics standards.

6.5. Coordinate Animal Research Ethics governance

  • Support the Animal Ethics Committee (AEC)
  • Provide advice regarding compliance with animal ethics standards and/or regulations
  • Advise researchers on draft applications to the AEC.

6.6. Oversee research animal welfare

  • Monitor animal welfare and report issues
  • Provide advice to researchers relating to improving the quality of research outcomes when using animals
  • Undertake compliance reporting.

6.7. Coordinate Gene Modification governance

  • Support the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)
  • Provide compliance advice regarding research with biosafety considerations including gene modification and recombinant DNA
  • Coordinate certification and monitoring of facilities.