Restriction after retrenchment

Any offer of employment greater than four (4) weeks to a person recently retrenched, will be permitted only with Vice-Chancellor’s approval.

This restriction will apply to casual employment, appointment of agency staff, and fixed term or continuing appointments in RMIT. Please note that this restriction applies to casual employment across the University. Therefore, if you are seeking to appoint a casual who has already served four weeks elsewhere in the University then you will need to seek Vice-Chancellor’s approval.

A person is considered to be “recently retrenched” during the period of time equivalent to the total termination payment they received, excluding leave. For example, if a person was retrenched on 31 December 2005 with a severance payment equivalent to 74 weeks, then the employment of this person for greater than four weeks will need to be approved by the Vice-Chancellor until 21 May 2007 (74 weeks after their date of retrenchment).

These new arrangements are effective from 12 April 2006.

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