Partnered delivery of coursework awards procedure

Intent and objectives

To describe the procedures to implement the policy related to the teaching models that apply to the delivery of RMIT University coursework award programs delivered through partnerships


All coursework awards delivered through partnerships


Research degrees

Procedure steps and actions

Procedure (including Key Points)



RMIT staff members will work closely with the respective partner staff (teaching staff and professional staff) to ensure that the transition for students between RMIT staff and the partner staff is seamless. This will enable the students to develop a strong sense of being on an RMIT program and to understand the goals of the program and for these to be communicated unambiguously to students;

RMIT staff will provide all core teaching, learning and assessment materials and marking guides for all courses;

Partner teaching staff may contextualise and customise learning materials with the approval of RMIT;

Moderation of all assessments and exam papers will be undertaken by RMIT staff based on a minimum of sample size of at least three across each band of marks (fail, pass, credit, distinction, high distinction, competent, not yet competent) with the sample to be selected by RMIT University;

The timing of the RMIT contribution in a Model 2 delivery will be designed to achieve the best quality outcomes.

Dean/HoS or nominee

Ongoing as per academic calendar

RMIT staff teaching and coordinating programs and courses in partner programs (Models 2 and 3):

The Dean/Head of the School that manages the program (or nominee) is responsible to ensure that RMIT staff teaching in the program:

a. Are appointed, inducted, and managed to ensure that programs and courses delivered via partners are under the direct academic governance of RMIT;

b. Undertake professional development designed to prepare for partner delivery; and

c. Are aware of their obligations to their respective partner staff in terms of induction, support and ongoing collaboration.

Dean/HoS or nominee

Ongoing as per academic calendar

Teaching staff employed by partners to teach into RMIT programs (Models 2 and 3)

The Dean/Head of the School responsible for the courses (or his or her nominee) will have final approval of the selection of partner teaching staff;

Selection will be based on evidence of qualifications and experience and assessment against key selection criteria (including requisite English competency of a minimum of IELTS 7.0 or equivalent) which are to be included in the Agreement;

Partner teaching staff will have appropriate qualifications in the relevant discipline, such as academic qualifications and /or a range of industry/professionally qualified teaching and disciplinary expertise;

RMIT academic/teaching staff will provide formative feedback, mentoring and coaching support to partner teaching staff on achieving comparable learning outcomes for the program and/ or courses for which they are responsible;

Student feedback may be used, among other indicators, to assist the Dean/Head of School in determining eligibility of partner teaching staff for ongoing engagement as teaching staff on RMIT programs.

Dean/HoS or nominee

Ongoing as per academic calendar

Teaching staff employed by partners to teach into RMIT programs (Models 2 and 3)

RMIT will provide partner staff with a comprehensive suite of professional development resources including training in the implementation of appropriate quality standards, and working under a range of partnered delivery arrangements;

Partner teaching staff will normally be required to successfully complete certain online professional development materials before they are allowed to commence teaching. Successful completion of further modules or alternative forms of face-to-face professional development or Recognition of Prior Learning as defined in the Agreement will be a requirement for ongoing engagement of the teaching staff by the partner in RMIT programs.

Dean L&T or nominee in collaboration with D/PVCs L&T and D/HoS L&T

Ongoing as per academic calendar

Professional staff employed by partners to administer RMIT programs (Models 1, 2 and 3)

Professional staff employed by partners to administer RMIT programs will be provided with professional development materials before the program commences;

Regular briefings will be provided by RMIT thereafter on changes to administrative procedures and relevant academic policies and procedures; and

Professional staff employed by partners may administer assessments and examinations subject to RMIT having provided professional development on the relevant policies and procedures. RMIT retains final approval of all assessments and examinations.

Academic Registrar or nominee

Ongoing as per academic calendar


An orientation program will be provided for students at the commencement of each program. This may be provided by RMIT or by the partner. If provided by the partner, RMIT will advise on the key topics that need to be included.

Dean of Students

Dean/HoS or nominee

Ongoing as per academic calendar

Student Support Services (Models 1, 2 and 3)

English language development and learning support

Students will be given access to English Language development and learning support through embedded academic literacies and language activities, adjunct workshops and/or online resources;

Reasonable adjustments will be made for students with disabilities or long term medical conditions to support their equal opportunity; and

English training preparatory to partner program entry will normally be taught by RMIT English Worldwide (REW) or taught under licence from REW or accredited by REW.

Dean L&T and Dean of Students or nominees

Dean of Students or nominee in collaboration with D/HoS L&T


Ongoing as per academic calendar

Careers and employment

Students will be supported to clarify career options and build links to professions, industries and organisations through embedded career development learning activities, adjunct workshops, visits and/or online resources;

Students will be supported to prepare for work integrated learning (WIL).

Dean of Students or nominee

Dean L&T or nominee in collaboration with D/HoS L&T

Student engagement

Students will be supported to build a student community and sense of belonging through activities and events run online or face to face; and

Students will be consulted about their experience and have the opportunity to provide feedback.

Student wellbeing

Students will have access to pastoral care to support their personal wellbeing and academic success provided online or face to face.

Dean of Students or nominee


Dean of Students or nominee


Students will be given the opportunity to join the global network of RMIT alumni.

DVC I&D or nominee

Student administration services (Models 1, 2 and 3)

The University’s key student administration services for partner-delivered coursework programs are summarised below. Partner-delivered programs will be administered in compliance with relevant RMIT academic policies and procedures.

Academic Registrar and Dean/HoS

Admission and credit transfer

Final decisions on admission will be made by RMIT.


Communication with and information for students

Information including links to RMIT policies and procedures relevant to students will be made available to all students at their commencement in each program;

Students will have access to a process for resolving any complaints in relation to their RMIT program; and

Students will have the opportunity to provide feedback on their study experience.

Academic Registrar

Dean/HoS and Academic Registrar

PPG and Dean/HoS


Assessments will be carried out in compliance with the relevant academic policies and procedures. RMIT will

  • Inform students of the process for applying for special consideration (assessment adjustments because of adverse circumstances outside the student’s control); and
  • Provide academic advice to students who are at risk of unsatisfactory academic progress.

Academic misconduct by students will be managed in accordance with the relevant policy and procedure of RMIT University.

Academic Registrar


Academic Registrar and Dean/HoS

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