Parking for staff visiting City campus procedure


To outline the process for use of the RMIT Visiting Staff parking zone in Building 94 on the city campus.


  • Visitor parking in Building 94 is for adhoc use only. Staff based and Bundoora and Brunswick who are directed to work exclusively at the City campus on a regular basis​ and/or for more than two consecutive days must make their own parking arrangements if required.
  • Staff/Vehicles with an assigned city campus bay must not use the Visitor Bays.
  • Students and city based staff are not eligible to park at the visitor parking bays.

Procedure steps and actions

1. Bays 235 – 239 at Building 94 are designated visitor parking bays.

2. Staff based at Bundoora and Brunswick who are required to drive from their home campus to the City campus on RMIT business only can book a bay through Google Calendar.

3. Bookings are available on a first come, first served basis.

4. An Access Card will be issued by Security and can be picked up on the day of your booking based on the booking in Google Calendar. You will need to provide Security with your vehicle registration number when collecting this pass for them to issue a 'digital permit' linked to your vehicle.

5. Vehicles parked without a digital permit registered to their vehicle or in an incorrect bay may be issued with a Parking Infringement Notice.

7. Users must return the Access Card to the issuing officer immediately after the day of use. Permits and Access Cards must not be handed to other drivers. Cards cannot be held on to before or after a booking.

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