HR Systems

Human Resources Systems refers to the systems and processes at the intersection between human resources management and information technology

RMIT University use three human resources technology platforms:

Employee Self service (ESS) powered by SAP to manage and maintain employee information, PageUp to manage online recruitment activity, and Staff Central to manage Performance Workplans.

Update to ESS - Friday 24 and Saturday 25 November

An update was rolled out to ESS on 24 and 25 November. All activities will remain the same, but staff will notice some changes in style and colour. The update will also increase browser compatibility. You will now be able to use ESS on any browser, not only Internet Explorer.

If you have any queries, please contact the Service and Support Centre.

ESS information & user guides

Employee Self Service (ESS) provides access to view, submit some employment related payment claims, and in some cases update staff data in the University’s SAP system.

Common activities performed on ESS include:

  • Access your payment summary
  • Access your payslips
  • Submit and display a payment claim, for example, apply for overtime or additional hours
  • Display and change your emergency contact and mailing address information
  • Display any objects on loan to you from the University
  • Display your bank details
  • Display your professional development activities
  • Display your professional qualifications

Any changes you make in ESS will update your record immediately.

For password changes and technical queries/support contact the Service and Support Centre.

User guides

To optimise your experience on campus, we recommend you access ESS using one of the following supported web browsers:

Windows XP

Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 8.1

Recommended browser

Internet Explorer 7 & 8

Internet Explorer 9 & 10 or myDesktop

Internet Explorer 10 or myDesktop


Apple Mac OS

Apple Mac OS 10.6/10.7

Apple Mac OS 10.8





All other browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari are not supported.

Adobe Flash, Version 10 or higher is required. Click here to identify the version of Flash currently installed on your computer and contact the Service and Support Centre to upgrade (if required).

ESS for Mac/Internet Explorer 11 users

Off campus: Follow these instructions open ESS via an alternative application called myDesktop. myDesktop is the application used for a virtual desktop environment, which provides access to ESS via the most compatible browser.

Staff Central information & user guides

Workplans have moved from ESS to Staff Central. Staff Central Workplans feature:

  • Same sign on with your RMIT network login
  • Access from RMIT’s main browsers
  • Easier navigation and tracking of the workplanning process
  • An audit log so you can always see previous versions of your workplan
  • A spell check
  • Clear and simple email notifications
  • Manager dashboard and analytics
  • Objective library.

Visit Workplanning for more on Staff Central Workplans.

Workplanning tools and resources have been created to provide you with learning solutions that are relevant, flexible and current and include both face-to-face and self directed learning.

Performance resources

User guides

Recruitment/PageUp information & user guides

Human Resources offers assistance through the recruitment and selection process to support hiring managers to employ the right candidates.

Recruitment and selection of fixed term and continuing staff is governed by the recruitment and induction policy and the recruitment and selection procedure.

RMIT uses the online recruitment system, PageUp, to manage recruitment activity. PageUp allows hiring manages to create a recruitment request, seek approval to recruit, upload position descriptions, review applications for short-listing, and approve an appointment.

User guides