Building 201 closure

Building 201 Finalised

Building 201 at Bundoora west campus was closed between 17 October 2016 and 20 February 2017 to upgrade the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) to be more energy efficient.

Latest update – 20th February

B201 was opened for business on the 20th of February. All works were completed successfully and to schedule.

The SUPP air-conditioning upgrade program was completed. Some fine-tuning under occupancy load will continue until mid-March. These activities are non-intrusive and not impact operations in any way. Other works associated with the general building upgrades have also finished with final touches on lecture theatres, flooring, and painting being applied this past week. Hoarding has been removed and the entire building has been cleaned.

Building 201 is open for business!

The goods lift works have progressed significantly over the past week, and the lift is planned to be back in service on the 20th of March. The stairs, escalators and ramp are all in operational use. We understand that this may cause inconvenience to some building occupants. There are processes in place for planned and ad-hoc requirements. If you require support through this period you can contact Security or Tom Hennessy for assistance at or on 9925 3467.

Some final facts about the project:

·One key driver was to enhance student experience:

  • 453 new lecture seats with inbuilt USB charges and power points were installed
  • 3 Lecture Theatre Bio boxes were removed, reclaiming 83 sq meters of space and 4 new couches for students (interactive zones).
  • Glass Backs were installed on each lecture theatre to open up the experience
  • Significant features were updated to theatres such as ramps and hearing augmentation systems.
  • 4,000 litres of paint were used to coat the walls and ceilings
  • 6,220 sq meters of flooring was laid

· The other key driver was energy savings:

  • Over 700 MWh of electricity will be saved each year by the new heating and cooling system (this is the equivalent of over 105 homes)
  • Over 900 tonnes of CO2 will be saved each year (comparable to taking 120 cars off the road)

·Minimising impact on RMIT’s operations was a key focus area:

  • Works were programmed over the summer break to minimise student impact
  • Over 50 escorted sessions were provided to staff to enable access into B201 to retrieve equipment, books, or other materials throughout building works
  • Over 120 staff, plus their belongings were moved out to facilitate the works program
  • 100 specimens were moved to accommodate works in the museum
  • Over 100 Wireless Access Points were tested to ensure operation before staff started back
  • Almost 500 data points were tested to ensure they worked before staff started back
  • Over 200 students were still able to attend classes whilst construction works were completed on other levels
  • Approximately 1,400 pieces of furniture and equipment were moved or protected to enable works
  • Over 300 PC’s were moved, relocated or stored
  • Level 5 remained completely operational while works were occurring directly above and below it

We installed and moved a lot of new equipment:

  • 71 individual Fan Coil Units weighing over 40kg each were installed in ceiling spaces
  • 75 new air vents were installed
  • 2 large Air Handling units (in the tunnel and on the roof) were upgraded
  • 161 individual water valves were installed, tested and commissioned
  • 2,900 appliances (lights, speakers, sensors, etc) were removed and reinstated to facilitate works
  • 9 new auto doors were installed
  • Approximately 2 kms of copper piping was cut, bent, installed and insulated to connect units
  • 7,000 ceiling tiles were installed

This was done with a very collaborative team:

  • More than 350 individuals contributed to the project
  • 45 companies joined forces to deliver the project under head contractor Honeywell
  • Over 15,000 cups of coffee were consumed by the project team
  • Approximately 60,000 human power-hours were spent on site, between 17th Oct to 17th Feb
  • A particular RMIT Program Manger walked on average 11km a day when on site, up and down the ramps
  • We learnt it takes 186 seconds to push a trolley of equipment safely up 10 floors of ramps

Once again, Property Services wishes to thank the Bundoora community for your support during these project works. Property Services are quietly confident that you will agree that the minor disruptions associated with works are far outweighed by the results delivered. We hope you enjoy the new comfortable spaces, refreshed look, refurbished and remodeled lecture theatres that have been installed in B201 over the past 4 months.