Infrastructure and Information Technology Committee

Terms of Reference

The Committee will:

1. Consider major capital infrastructure and information technology projects/investments of significant complexity or risk, or of strategic significance to the organisation and make recommendations to Council about future directions (it is the responsibility of Management to bring to the attention of the Committee any project variance of significance)

2. Oversight and monitor significant projects already in progress to ensure they evidence value for money, efficiency, meet key milestones and performance indicators, align with the University’s strategy, and produce measurable benefits for the organisation (Vice-Chancellor to identify significant projects for Committee oversight)

3. Oversight the University’s operating and capital expenditure on infrastructure and information technology assets and projects

4. Receive and consider quarterly environmental scans of factors external to RMIT that may impact on the University’s infrastructure and how it can be used by the University to maximise its impact

5. Develop a Capital Development Plan encompassing both information technology and infrastructure, including long-term and short-term priorities, in accordance with the University Strategic Plan for endorsement to Council

6. Oversight the University’s asset management, covering the physical assets of the University, their condition, maintenance and lifecycle planning

7. Oversight the identification and analysis of risks to the University's infrastructure and information technology assets and the development of appropriate mitigation strategies to support resilience and operational effectiveness

8. Establish sub-committees as required from time to time

9. Consider any appropriate matters referred to it by Council or the Vice Chancellor, and refer issues to Council that require decisions by Council as they arise

10. The Committee will meet in accordance with an annual meeting schedule and in addition will convene to consider matters as appropriate at short notice. Members will receive regular reporting between meetings where that facilitates the Committee’s functions

11. Members of management responsible for projects will be invited to attend meetings in consultation with the Chair

12. Submit the minutes and/or a report of each Committee meeting to the next Council meeting.

A quorum for a Committee meeting constitutes half the membership plus one.

The University Secretary or nominee will be the Committee Secretary.


Members and the Chair will be appointed by the Council on the recommendation of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee and may include external members.

The Committee is responsible to Council for the provision of advice on infrastructure and information technology matters within the Capital Development Plan.

Council members

  • Bruce Akhurst (Chair)
  • Martin Bean CBE
  • David Hayward
  • Gary Hogan AM, CSC
  • Rhonda O’Donnell
  • Ziggy Switkowski AO


  • Amanda Way

Meeting dates