Course Title: Tertiary Learning and Teaching

Part A: Course Overview

Course Title: Tertiary Learning and Teaching

Credit Points: 12.00


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360H Education


Sem 1 2007,
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360H Education


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810P Office of the President, RMITV


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820H Asia Graduate Centre


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Course Coordinator: Melanie Brown

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Course Coordinator Location: Saigon South Campus Vietnam

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Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities

As a practitioner, you will have an understanding of the tertiary education context. You will be employed in a capacity that allows you to access learning and assessment environments.

Course Description

This course will assist you in creating a classroom and online practice that is student-centered and helps prepare learners to be 21st Century learners who develop work-ready and life-long learning skills. You will examine the concept of constructive alignment of learning outcomes, learning activities and assessment, evaluate what constitutes good learning outcomes and determine if learning activities help students meet those outcomes. You will use the insights you develop concerning the ways your students approach learning, in combination with an investigation of theories of learning and teaching, to analyze activities, design a lesson plan for either the online or classroom environment, and reflect on and review your practice.

Objectives/Learning Outcomes/Capability Development


In this course you will develop the following program capabilities: 

• Lead and manage own work and other team members or individuals within tertiary teaching contexts.
• Design effective learning outcomes, learning activities and assessment in tertiary teaching.
• Apply analytical decision making techniques to enhance student engagement and learning.
• Problem solve effectively and apply sustainable practices related to tertiary teaching.
• Apply logical and critical thinking in resolving learning, teaching and supervisory issues in tertiary education contexts.
• Collaborate with others in teaching and supervisory teams.
• Operate ethically and sensitively in international and intercultural educational contexts.
• Critically research, analyse and evaluate theoretical knowledge about approaches to learning responsive to diversity of learners.
• Communicate theoretical positions about teaching practice and effective student learning using educational discourses.

Learning Outcomes

This course will extend your ability to design and create stimulating and effective learning environments for your students that result in both improved learning outcomes and greater student satisfaction with their experience of learning.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: 


  1. Critically discuss elements of course design including aligning learning outcomes to proposed activities and assessment that takes account of the discipline and diversity of learners.
  2. Communicate theoretical positions about teaching practice and effective student learning using educational discourses.
  3. Describe and evaluate your own learning and teaching approaches drawing upon educational literature and your past and current practice
  4. Design effective lessons that incorporate different modes of interaction, cater to learner diversity and include activities that are aligned to learning outcomes.

Overview of Learning Activities

Learning activities are designed to enhance your ability to critically analyse your existing approach to learning and teaching in relation to educational literature and empirical evidence, propose strategies for improved course design and teaching and communicate ideas for learning design to colleagues.




Overview of Learning Resources

References, web resources and reading material are provided throughout the course via the LMS. You are encouraged to read further in areas of interest or particular relevance to your practice and to support the learning you demonstrate through your assessments.

Overview of Assessment

The assessment for this course is designed to help you reflect on and develop your teaching and learning practice through activities that build on issues discussed and experienced in class. The assessments are directly aligned to the Learning Outcomes for this course.



Brief Description


Linked Course Learning Outcome

Week Due

Assignment 1

Learning activity analysis with reference to appropriate literature.

Flexible presentation mode


LO1,  LO2, LO3

Week 4

Assignment 2

Lesson design and rationale with reference to appropriate literature.


LO1, LO2, LO4

Week 8

Assignment 3

A critical discussion of one approach from the course and how it can be applied to your current teaching context with reference to appropriate literature.


LO1, LO2, LO3

Week 12