Course Title: Fine Art Photography 1a

Part A: Course Overview

Course Title: Fine Art Photography 1a

Credit Points: 12

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City Campus


340H Art


Sem 1 2006,
Sem 1 2007,
Sem 1 2008,
Sem 1 2009,
Sem 1 2010


Hong Kong Arts Centre


340H Art


Offsh1 12

Course Coordinator: Kellyann Geurts

Course Coordinator Phone: + 61 3 9925 5236

Course Coordinator

Course Coordinator Location: B7, L4, Rm32

Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities

This is an introductory course and does not assume any prior photographic knowledge or expertise.

Course Description

This course introduces you to the historical, cultural, theoretical and practical aspects of fine art photographic image making. Traditional photographic technologies and methodologies are critiqued in combination with contemporary photographic imaging hardware and strategies.

Central to this course is the development of an understanding of photographic hardware and it’s place within historical, theoretical and conceptual photographic practice.

Objectives/Learning Outcomes/Capability Development

This course will provide opportunities for you to:

  • Develop an historical understanding of the photographic image as it relates to contemporary photographic imaging making
  • Develop an complex understanding of photographic operations as they relate to contemporary image making
  • Investigate the photographic image and it’s role in contemporary art
  • Develop an understanding of contemporary fine art photography process and options, including digital capture and printing.

Overview of Learning Activities

The lectures and workshops aim to explore the nature of photography as an image making tool, and to equip you with the skills and knowledge to independently engage in photographic practice. This course is conducted through a series of lectures, tutorials, demonstrations and field trips.

Learning activities will include an investigation into the following:

  • Photographic history, including an investigation into the beginnings of optical experimentation through to the major figures in the history of photography up to the mid 20th Century
  • Camera functions and controls, including more advanced functions such as optics, depth of field, hyperfocal distance, exposure, and camera formats
  • Contemporary capture strategies, including film scanning, direct digital capture, image processing and image management using Adobe Lightroom 2™
  • Natural and studio lighting, including advanced exposure, outdoor light, studio flash and tungsten considerations, lighting objects and lighting people

Overview of Learning Resources

Students have access to advanced digital imaging production facilities. Resources include Apple Mac G5 and MacPro computers with Apple 30" Displays and Eizo Calibrated screens. State of the art scanners and late model digital cameras are available for use. Various output facilities are available, including local printing and lab printing.

Overview of Assessment

Assessment for this course is conducted through a class project and a series of reviews. The class project assesses your progress in relation to specific material presented in the class.

Reviews are linked to the Fine Art Photography studio area, and will provide you with the opportunity to publicly present your work for critical discussion and feedback.

Reviews are conducted collectively within the studio area, and whilst you are only expected to exhibit for one review per session, all students are encouraged to attend as many sessions as they can, as each review will be unique.