Course Title: MBA Research Project

Part A: Course Overview

Course Title: MBA Research Project

Credit Points: 12.00


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City Campus


660H Graduate School of Business and Law


Sem 1 2006,
Sem 2 2006,
Sem 1 2007,
Sem 2 2007,
Sem 1 2008,
Sem 2 2008,
Sem 1 2009,
Sem 2 2009,
Sem 1 2010,
Sem 1 2011,
Sem 2 2011,
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RMIT University Vietnam


660H Graduate School of Business and Law


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Viet2 2008,
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RMIT Vietnam Hanoi Campus


660H Graduate School of Business and Law


Viet3 2008,
Viet1 2009

Course Coordinator: Dr Anthos Yannakou

Course Coordinator Phone: +61 3 9925 1388

Course Coordinator Email:

Course Coordinator Location: 13.2.51

Course Coordinator Availability: By appointment

Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities

There are no prior capabilities required, although experience in writing research papers will be valuable. 

Course Description

The course is intended to encourage you to think creatively about management and organizations, with emphasis on understanding yourself and your relationships with staff, colleagues, and the wider environment. You will be expected to achieve such outcomes from the perspective of a senior business manager and decision-maker and apply these to a contemporary workplace situation. This course aims to provide you with an opportunity to integrate and apply learning from previous courses in the Master of Business Administration (Executive) program. The integration of work-based learning and academic learning, commonly referred to as Work Integrated Learning (WIL), will allow you to solve authentic business problems or address real issues faced in organisations.

Objectives/Learning Outcomes/Capability Development

You will be able to:

Undertake research using a recognized methodology and framework
Apply theory, synthesize literature in a field of study
Gather, analyze, and interpret data
Critically analyze a body of literature as well as major research methodologies
Make a written presentation of findings appropriate to post graduate study

A research project report on a specified field investigation will be prepared.

Overview of Learning Activities

This course involves working on a research project. The selection of an appropriate research topic, research methodology and research methods, and the conduct of the research, will involve discussion and agreement between the student and the academic staff.

This course utilizes independent learning and delivery is student-centered.

Feedback processes will include feedback in terms of guidance and constructive academic critique of research processes and output during research and formal feedback on the research project submission.

Overview of Learning Resources

From 2018, Canvas is RMIT University's Learning Management System. Canvas is a flexible online system which will provide you with an engaging and exciting learning experience as part of your studies with us. The Canvas platform will be the primary site for you to gain access to all the resources designed to support your learning in this course. Your Canvas portal can accessed by logging into the following RMIT page:

RMIT Library

The RMIT library will have available relevant texts and most importantly an array of on line journals that can provide specfic support for learning, uses and write up of particular research methodolgy, method of data gathering and research project write up itself.  These resources should be used throughout your research project development and completion.  The Business Portfolio Style Manual available through the RMIT Business Library also has helpful insights to academic writing and referencing.

Overview of Assessment

Assessments may include any of the following:

• A research proposal or research plan
• A review of literature relevant to the research project
• Presentations regarding research topic, processes, methodology, and or research outcomes
• Production of a final research project report or research article