Course Title: Darkroom Imaging Workshop

Part A: Course Overview

Course ID: 011431

Course Title: Darkroom Imaging Workshop

Credit Points: 12

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City Campus


345H Creative Media


Course Coordinator: Sally Wright

Course Coordinator Phone: +61 3 9925 5285

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Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities

All first year core courses or equivalent

Course Description

This course will introduce you to the necessary considerations and techniques which will enable you to produce finely crafted black and white images. The basics of sound B&W film processing and darkroom printing form the basis of this course. Issues of safety in the darkroom will be highlighted.

Objectives/Learning Outcomes/Capability Development

At the end of this Course, it is expected the student will:
• appreciate the differing qualities associated with various film and film developer variations
• appreciate the differing qualities associated with various papers and paper processing variations• be able to interpret materials outcomes with desired aesthetic outcomes
• understand Occupational Health and Safety issues relating to B&W chemistry
• understand the requirements of archival processing, storage and presentation
• understand the hazards associated with the chemicals used in the processes of fine print production.

Overview of Learning Activities

Through this course the student will:
• use correct film processing controls in the production of the negative
• use fine printing controls in the production of the print
• produce black and white prints of fine quality and interpretation
• apply B&W print retouching techniques

Overview of Learning Resources

There is no prescribed text for this subject however the following references are cited as being of relevance and interest:
Photography (8thed),London, Barbara, Upton, John, Stone, Jim, Kobre, Kenneth, Brill, Betsy, Pearson Education, New Jersey, 2005

The Camera; Adams, Ansel; New York Graphic Society, Little Brown and Company, 1980; ISBN 0-8212-1092-0
The Negative; Adams, Ansel, New York Graphic Society, Little Brown and Company, 1981; ISBN 0-8212-1131-5
The Print; Adams, Ansel, New York Graphic Society, Little Brown and Company, 1983; ISBN 0-8212-1526-4
OverExpoosure: Health Hazards in Photography; Shaw, Susan; Rossol Monona; Allworth Press; 1991; ISBN 0-9607118-6-4

Overview of Assessment

1 Assessment of the assignments will take place progressively with assignments being required to be submitted by the due dates. The folio will be assessed during the examination period at the end of the semester.
2 Assessment will be as follows:
• A folio of two black and white images 50%
• Assignments 40%
• Progressive Prints 10%

Tutorials and progressive feedback offer the student every opportunity to discuss their work. Please take full advantage of these opportunities. Seeing any member of staff on a regular basis for personal feedback and discussion on technical and production issues is encouraged. However the responsibility for frequent and adequate consultation lies with the student.

Satisfactory performance in each category of assessment is required. Results will be awarded according to the standard RMIT grading system (see below). Work submitted for assessment should be the original work of the student and should not have been submitted for assessment in any other course at RMIT or elsewhere.

Result/Grading Numerical Mark
HD (High Distinction) 80-100
DI (Distinction) 70-79
CR (Credit) 60-69
PA (Pass) 50-59
NN (Fail) 0-49