Course Title: Project In The Arts

Part A: Course Overview

Course ID: 012719

Course Title: Project In The Arts

Credit Points: 12

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City Campus


360H Education


Sem 1 2006,
Sem 2 2006

Course Coordinator: Assoc Prof. David Forrest

Course Coordinator Phone: +61 3 9925 4920

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Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities

Participation in Dance Therapy courses

Course Description

The project is a core subject for students undertaking the Graduate Diploma of Visual and Performing Arts. The overall aim is practical application of dance therapy course material within a range of therapeutic, educational and community contexts. It provides the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills acquired within the courses. The supervised practice hours obtained with the fieldwork can be credited towards Professional Membership of the DTAA as well as expand the students’ personal and professional development. Students undertake the project under the supervision of one or more staff.

The Project combines:
• supervision sessions on campus;
• observations of Dance Movement Therapy groups;
• preparation and planning of dance movement therapy sessions;
• co-leading and leading groups; and
• documentation and evaluation of dance therapy sessions.

Students will present and gain feedback from RMIT lecturers at group supervision sessions, as well as receive ongoing supervision from an on-site person (therapist, dance therapist, or health professional qualified to expand their knowledge in some way). The on-site supervisor provides an invaluable community service by agreeing to take on this role. This basis can be modified / extended to meet the various needs within the group. Fieldwork contracts, an essential part of placements in this course, are made with each student according to background and needs. (see attached).

The following two options are identified for students enrolled in the dance therapy subjects:

Objectives/Learning Outcomes/Capability Development

A student will be expected to be able to demonstrate:
1. an individual application of ideas, practices and procedures involved in the arts
2. an ability to develop and implement a Project in the Arts
3. an ability to fully document, present and reflect on a Project in the Arts

Overview of Learning Activities

End Semester 1                 Course Outline handed out
                                               Proposal completed and approved
Week 4  Semester 2          Introductory group supervision session (on campus), followed by discussion on individual Projects
Weeks 8                               Group supervision session: Progress reports on Projects/discussion
Week 10                               Group supervision session: Progress reports on Projects/discussion
Week 14                               Presentation of Project in group supervision session.
End Semester 2.                Written component of Project due. This is to include an overall evaluation from the original design, planning, aims and objectives and outcome. The process should also be submitted as part of the student’s journal.

1. Students should have contact with the project coordinators at least three (3) times after the Project Proposal has been accepted - to monitor progress.

2. If the Project takes the form of a community event it is strongly recommended that the student invites the lecturer and other students to attend to observe.

Overview of Learning Resources

Include works cited in the text of the project.

All references cited in the text must be listed in alphabetical order by author in the Reference List in the following manner:

Author, Initials. (Year of publication). Title of publication. Place of publication: Publisher.
Example: Paynter, E. & J. (1974). The Dance and the Drum: Integrated Projects in Music, Dance and Drama for Schools. London: Universal Edition.

Overview of Assessment

Completion of a minimum of 20 hours fieldwork, class participation and written component presented 100%

The fieldwork will be planned, implemented and reported by the individual student.

The Project/fieldwork is to be fully documented.

Where possible some part of the Project/fieldwork is to be videod / photographed (see Confidentiality under Fieldwork Guidelines).

Written: The program, implementation and evaluation of the fieldwork project is to be fully documented and presented according to the specific guidelines. In addition, students will gather information and record reflections of learning processes in Journal form.
This will include a reflection on the Project as a whole.

Students undertaking the fieldwork for the dance therapy stream must present a written copy of the completed Project.

Grading Criteria:

Grades for the Fieldwork or Project in the Arts (dance therapy stream) will be awarded on the following basis:

P. The presentation and written component of the Project meets the stated specifications.
C. In addition to satisfying the conditions for a P, the presentation and written component are well organised.
D. In addition to satisfying the conditions for a C, presentation and written component demonstrate a critical and relevant use of the dance therapy coursework material.
H. In addition to satisfying the conditions for a D, presentation and written component are well supported with critical analysis, knowledge and understanding of the dance therapy process, as well as attention to preparation and presentation.

Work will normally be returned to students within two weeks from the date of submission.