Course Title: Design for Interactive Media 3

Part A: Course Overview

Course Title: Design for Interactive Media 3

Credit Points: 12.00


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City Campus


345H Media and Communication


Sem 2 2006,
Sem 2 2007,
Sem 2 2009,
Sem 2 2010,
Sem 2 2011,
Sem 2 2012,
Sem 2 2013,
Sem 2 2014


RMIT University Vietnam


345H Media and Communication


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Melbourne transfer to Vietnam


345H Media and Communication


Sem 2 2013

Course Coordinator: John Mackinnon

Course Coordinator Phone: +61 3 99254970

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Course Coordinator Location: 07.03.28

Course Coordinator Availability: Tuesdays

Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities

Pre-requisites include Design for Interactive Media 1 and Design for Interactive Media 2. In addition it is strongly recommended that you have successfully completed the course Electronic Imaging & Design. It is assumed that you have a basic knowledge and practical skills relating to multimedia content creation: digital audio recording, operation of a digital camera and video camera, hardware device to computer transfer/capture, and digital media manipulation.

Course Description

This course extends the principles of design and collaborative teamwork introduced in Interactive Design 1 & 2. You will undertake to work in small groups with a clearly defined role on a collaborative project within a facilitated learning environment. You will develop and extend interactive multimedia design skills with a focus on the multimedia production cycle and client liaison. The course also incorporates research methods and skills development in specific areas of multimedia design from concept to completion and may include client interaction and communication methods, needs analysis and how these influence project direction and outcomes.

Objectives/Learning Outcomes/Capability Development

The focus of the course will be to provide you with the experience of working on an industry focused project. You will work on interaction design through visual interface design with a focus on usability and accessibility.

Having completed your group project, you will be able to contribute specific skills and expertise, assess project needs and requirements effectively with a view to determining design solutions that are appropriate to the project.

The course provides you  with advanced skills development in:

- multimedia development and design methods and practice
- project proposal and documentation requirements
- client communication
- concept development and interface designs
- research and development methods
- production and collaborative group project management skills


Overview of Learning Activities

The lecture program will provide you with an overview of key development concepts and theories. These will be further explored and demonstrated via a combination of tutorials, design studio workshops, discussions and online resources.

Participation in tutorials and client meetings, presentations and design workshops will provide you with opportunities to focus on developing creative design solutions within their specific group projects. Class discussion, critical analysis class production meetings will enable you to gain insight into a broader range of issues than you might otherwise encounter withing your own development projects.

Overview of Learning Resources

Learning resources for this course include course materials and tutorial resource items (this will be provided where applicable on the server and online). Lecture notes and relevant handouts will be available throughout the semester.  Tutorials will be based in the computer labs with relevant software and required materials to complete specific learning tasks. You have access to course materials and access to online and hard copy resources at the RMIT Library

You are encouraged to do a wide range of reading and independent library research into all areas of Art, Design, and Multimedia.

Overview of Assessment

Assessment for this course will be divided into two key areas as students are assessed on individual assignments and a group project.  The work over the semester is primarily based around the group project, however the individual assessment components are to be representative of the learning of the individual within the group. (eg the Research presentation is intended to reflect the research undertaken by that student for their group project.)

Please refer to Part B for assessment details


The group project will be assessed on the following critieria:

  • Interpretation of the brief
  • Originality and innovation of concept, how well it addresses its aims
  • Visual treatment and design
  • Technical design & development and completion
  • Overall Resolution
  • Production values