Course Title: Painting Advanced Studio 3B1

Part A: Course Overview

Course Title: Painting Advanced Studio 3B1

Credit Points: 12

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Hong Kong Arts Centre


340H Art


Offsh 3 09,
Offsh 3 10,
Offsh 3 11,
Offsh3 12,
Offsh3 13,
Offsh3 14

Course Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Peter Ellis

Course Coordinator Phone: +61 3 9925 2838

Course Coordinator

Course Coordinator Location: 2.c.9

Course Coordinator Availability: by appointment

Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities

Painting Advanced Studio 3A1 - VART 1983 or equivalent.

Course Description

This is a studio based course that focuses on clarification and resolution of a student’s conceptual interests through  undertaking independent research and the production of artworks that are informed by relevant historical and contemporary knowledge.  This course aims to create an awareness and understanding of philosophies relevant to contemporary art practice and to contextualise an individual’s work within contemporary professional practice.

Objectives/Learning Outcomes/Capability Development

Capability Development

At the conclusion of this course student’s work should demonstrate:

An appropriate and professional level of competence specific to the discipline area.
Appropriate analytical, critical and research skills.
An understanding of the nature and processes related to independent learning and its expression in artistic practice.
Ability to prepare resolved work for public exhibition.
Ability to develop a methodology relevant to the student’s formal and conceptual concerns.

Learning Outcomes 
At the completion of this course you will have acquired the following:

The ability to develop a folio of artwork produced over a semester that demonstrates your ability to research and produce artwork to an appropriate level. 
Suitable critical and analytical skills.
Skills in professional practice at an advanced level.
Understanding the nature of preliminary and resolved works in relation to art practice.
The ability to work independently as a professional artist.

Overview of Learning Activities

Students will learn through lectures, demonstrations, group tutorials and independent research advised in individual consultations with academic staff. 
Students are encouraged to keep a Work Integrated Learning notebook/journal to record individual and group feedback during consultations with staff and in critiques, reviews and individual and group tutorials relating to aspects of their learning (this journal is not assessable)

Overview of Learning Resources

Library references, audio and visual material as recommended by academic staff throughout the semester.

Overview of Assessment

Assessment is by folio presentation at the end of semester. 
Advanced studio is assessed by teaching staff (industry professionals) and the studio coordinator and moderated by an external Industry Examiner. 
The folio should reflect engagement in WIL (work integrated learning) critiques and tutorials, specifically in resolved work, research, documentation and individual development.

The assessment criteria are based on the learning outcomes of this course,
The production of resolved art work adressess the learning outcomes 1,2, 3
Documentation of art work adresses the learning outcomes 1,2,3
Studio Work Proposal addresses learning outcomes1,2,3,4