Course Title: Tourism - Work Experience in Industry 1

Part A: Course Overview

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Course Title: Tourism - Work Experience in Industry 1

Credit Points: 36

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City Campus


630H Management


Sem 1 2006

Course Coordinator: Margaret Melrose

Course Coordinator Phone: +61 3 9925 1531

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Course Coordinator Location: Building 108, Level 16, Room 63

Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities

Successful completion of the Advanced Diploma Business (Tourism)

Course Description

The course aims to integrate work and learning on two levels:

- Integration of previous and current learning in courses that have been completed in the Advanced Diploma Business (Tourism) to date and

- Integration of previous and current learning in the workplace as part of the Co-operative Education Year.

Students are required to undertake a formally approved Tourism placement in the third year of their degree, in either a paid full time position for a period of 40 weeks or 20 hours in a voluntary position for 40 weeks. This time can be completed in two different organisations in 20 week blocks if the student should request this arrangement.

The Co-operative year involves the educational institution, the workplace and the student, all co-operating to achieve a learning experience in the workplace. The workplace learning should enhance the student’s coursework understanding, assist the student to reflect upon the theoretical aspects of the courses taught in the first two years of formal academic study and develop the professional practice of students.

In addition this course will require students to complete an organisational analysis and a report proposal that will address an organisational need over the Co-operative Education period. This report will need to be agreed to by the supervisor of the workplace as well as the academic supervisor.

Objectives/Learning Outcomes/Capability Development

the knowledge and generic capabilities developed in Work Integrated Learning build on the experiences in the first two years of the Advanced Diploma.

- use databases and/or apply research skills

- reference correctly and avoid plagiarism

- write reports

- interpret discipline specific information and apply appropriate theories and models in analysing problems

- reflect on learning

- work independently

- understand and describe the major structure and functions of an organisation

- identify major external/internal stakeholders and how their needs impact on the workplace

- identify a workplace problem/issue and use discipline knowledge to address this problem/issue

- identify the differnce between problem solving in the workplace and problem solving developed in the first two years of the program.

- work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds

- set professional goals and manage time including the development of a resume

- reflect on the progress of these goals

- identify information requirements of different audiences in the workplace and present a project proposal that addresses these requirements

- negotiate learning activities with supervisors

Overview of Learning Activities

The learning objectives of WIL 1 are designed for the student to consider their work and learning before and during their placement. To assist in the achievement of the above objectives of WIL 1, the planned learning experiences will include an:

Academic Visit

As part of the Co-operative Year the student will be assigned an academic mentor who will visit them in the workplace. This visit will occur during the year and it is the student’s responsibility to make the arrangements for this meeting. The objective of the visit is to assess the student’s progress and also to discuss any concerns regarding the assessment requirements.

Overview of Learning Resources

There are no prescribed texts but there are numerous books and internet sites that students may choose to refer to when undertaking assessment tasks.

Overview of Assessment

Assessment Tasks

- Submission of a Resume, Position Description, Letter of Offer and Workplace Contract

- Develop a Learning Contract specifying what will be developed over the Co-operative Year

- Organisational Analysis/Business Proposal

Students must submit all assessment tasks in order to gain an overall pass in this course.