Course Title: Contract Law

Part A: Course Overview

Course Title: Contract Law

Credit Points: 12

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Teaching Period(s)


City Campus


615H Accounting


Sem 1 2008,
Sem 1 2009,
Sem 2 2007,
Sem 2 2008,
Sem 2 2009


City Campus


660H Grad School of Bus and Law


Sem 1 2011,
Sem 1 2012,
Sem 1 2013,
Sem 1 2014,
Sem 2 2011,
Sem 2 2012,
Sem 2 2013

Course Coordinator: Tyrone Berger

Course Coordinator Phone: 9925 2000

Course Coordinator

Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities

Introduction to the Australian Legal System and Legal Methods

Course Description

This course provides an overview of the fundamental principles of contract law. It examines the requirements for a contract (agreement, form or consideration, genuine consent, capacity and legality), the contents of a contract, discharge of contract and the remedies for breach of contract and general practical commercial case study investigations. The course provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue further and more specific contract law studies in the Juris Doctor.

Objectives/Learning Outcomes/Capability Development

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Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

1. demonstrate an advanced and integrated understanding of the legal framework for contract law
2. critically evaluate policy issues discussed in law reform proposals with current contract law issues 
3. analyse and research complex problems relating to contract law and make reasoned and appropriate choices amongst alternatives;
4. demonstrate sophisticated cognitive and creative skills in approaching legal issues relating to contract law and generate appropriate responses
5. Demonstrate the intellectual and practical skills needed to justify and interpret theoretical propositions, legal methodologies, conclusions and professional decisions and identify, research, evaluate and synthesise relevant factual, legal and policy issues relating to contract law

Overview of Learning Activities

The course requires students to participate in various learning activities. These activities comprise the following:

  • Engaging in legal research by means of searching electronic legal databases, internet resources and law journals
  • Participation in class discussion
  • Resolving legal questions within case study problems
  • Preparing and presenting case study reports using the skills developed in this course

Overview of Learning Resources

 Information will also be provided online using the course Blackboard. The course Blackboard gives access to important announcements, staff contact details, the teaching schedule, assessment timelines and a variety of important teaching and learning materials.

Overview of Assessment

The courses of the RMIT Graduate School of Business and Law use assessment to measure and report on your achievement of capabilities against learning outcomes and to provide you with feedback on your performance and progress.

Generally, assessment you will face in this course may include assignments, presentations and end of semester examinations.