Course Title: Internship

Part A: Course Overview

Course Title: Internship

Credit Points: 24

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RMIT Intl University Vietnam


345H Media and Communication


Viet2 2010,
Viet3 2010,
Viet1 2011,
Viet2 2011,
Viet3 2011,
Viet1 2012,
Viet2 2012,
Viet3 2012,
Viet1 2013,
Viet2 2013,
Viet3 2013,
Viet1 2014,
Viet2 2014,
Viet3 2014,
Viet1 2015,
Viet2 2015,
Viet3 2015

Course Coordinator: Graeme Domm

Course Coordinator Phone: (84) 8 3776 1307

Course Coordinator

Course Coordinator Location: Room 1.4.42 (Saigon South campus)

Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities

COMM2387 Workplace Orientation

Course Description

This course builds on the course Workplace Orientation by providing final year Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication) students on the Vietnam Campus with extended experience in the practicalities of professional practice in public relations and/or advertising.

Students complete a practical placement of 160 hours (equivalent to four weeks’ full time) in a placement approved by the Course Coordinator and participate in a number of learning experiences related to the placement.

Placements will be completed in an environment where a supervisor with suitable experience and expertise can assess your performance, for example a public relations consultancy, an advertising agency or a communication department. Seminars will be held at the start, midway and end of the semester, with a view to establishing learning goals, reviewing your performance and preparing you for the professional workplace after graduation.

Objectives/Learning Outcomes/Capability Development

At the completion of your internship you should have developed the following capabilities and learning outcomes:
•    experience in professional practice in a PR and/or Advertising workplace that brings awareness of the culture and expectations of the industries
•    confidence in dealing with colleagues and clients in a professional environment
•    experience in being accountable for tasks and meeting deadlines
•    improved project management and organisation skills
•    refined management and communication skills
•    the ability to implement PR and Advertising principles and theories into practice
•    experience in successfully managing work projects, programs and campaigns
•    practical requirements for progressing from university to the professional workplace
•    techniques for handling feedback to improve your performance in a professional environment


Overview of Learning Activities

This course requires you to complete 160 hours (equivalent of four weeks’ work) practical placement in a public relations and/or advertising role, under appropriate supervision. You can complete your internship in an in-house commercial, public sector or not-for-profit environment, or in a consultancy.

Seminars featuring guest speakers will held three times during the semester, with a view to establishing learning goals, reviewing your performance and finalising your preparation for the professional workplace. These seminars will be interactive, and you will be asked to participate in discussions and exercises.

Overview of Learning Resources

While there is no specific prescribed text for this course, students will find prescribed and recommended texts for other courses in the program to be useful references. Readings, where required, will be advised in advance of the relevant seminar. Selected materials will be distributed at seminars.

Overview of Assessment

Your supervisor will be required to complete an evaluation of your performance during your practical placement.
You will be required to submit a comprehensive report about your internship experience, for which you will be assessed.
You will be asked to participate in class discussions and exercises, and your participation will be assessed.