Course Title: Professional Engineering Industrial Experience

Part A: Course Overview

Course Title: Professional Engineering Industrial Experience

Credit Points: 48.00

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RMIT University Vietnam


125H Electrical & Computer Engineering


Viet1 2014,
Viet2 2014

Course Coordinator: Dr Dang Trong Trinh

Course Coordinator Phone: (84-8) 37776 1300 (ext: 2101)

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Course Coordinator Location: 1.1.06

Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities

You have to complete four semesters of your academic master program, thereby obtaining a solid base of theory and technical and non-technical skills, before you begin this internship program.

Course Description

This internship program allows you to gain practical and industrial experiences by working in an engineering setting in industry. You are generally paid for these internships.
The engineering internship program is a three-way relationship among employers, you and the University RMIT, providing benefits to all participants. Employers benefit from highly motivated and knowledgable students who are capable of performing regular engineering duties, special projects and peak-load assignments; whereas you gain valuable work experience and exposure to the workplace. The host organization should be of sufficiently high academic standard to reflect the desired level of the master program graduates.

Objectives/Learning Outcomes/Capability Development

After the internship program, you will gain or improve capabilities in:
• Engineering application ability
• Technical competencies and soft-skills such as team-work, leadership, independently working ability, problem solving skills, project and time management
• Professional and personal attributes that is reflected in the performance of responsibilities and tasks, and learn about the importance of professionalism in the real world

You will be able to obtain more interesting and satisfying jobs because of the internship experience.

Overview of Learning Activities

You have to find an internship placement by themselves and these placements may be local or abroad. However, all internship positions must be approved by the internship coordinator of Master Engineering program to ensure a meaningful engineering experience.
All internships will be supervised by a local mentor at the place of internship and by a supervisor from RMIT University. The local mentor will be responsible for the daily supervision during the internship and will be asked to give feedback on the process of achieving the your learning objectives.

In the first week of the internship program, some workshop about job interview, writing CV, job integration process will be organized to help you in the process of searching an intern position.
Throughout the internship period, an internship coordinator from the Master Engineering Department acts as a liaison.
In the middle of the internship, a performance evaluation check may be carried out with the employer by a visit to the workplace. At the end of the internship, a performance evaluation is requested from the employer.

Overview of Learning Resources

These are experience based resources.

Overview of Assessment

Within two weeks of the conclusion of the internship, you are required to submit a final report detailing the internship experience and including non-technical aspects and technical aspects.

The supervisor and possibly an examiner from RMIT University are responsible for the final assessment. The assessment by the local mentor has a major influence on the final grading.

The Internship course is graded either a PASS or FAIL.