Course Title: Project Initiation Management

Part A: Course Overview

Course Title: Project Initiation Management

Credit Points: 12


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City Campus


325H Property, Construction & Project Management


Sem 2 2014,
Sem 1 2015,
Sem 2 2015,
Sem 1 2016,
Sem 2 2016,
Sem 1 2017,
Sem 2 2017,
Sem 1 2018,
Sem 2 2018

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RMIT Online


325H Property, Construction & Project Management


JulDec2017 (KP6)

Course Coordinator: Tiendung Le

Course Coordinator Phone: +61 3 9925 2675

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Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities


Course Description

This course adopts a case study method approach and is deigned to develop the specialised knowledge and skills required to undertake effective front end planning. Front end planning is core to the effective management of projects and occurs at the stage during which high-level, strategic planning and development is undertaken. The purpose of front end planning is to ensure that appropriate projects are selected to in turn ensure effective implementation.

Through your learning in this course you will critically examine the concepts, processes and tools relevant to front end planning in the local, national and global contexts.
Core topics covered in this course include: principles, processes and tools in front end planning; success factors and criteria; project success and project management success; value for money; strategic stakeholder management; strategic and team alignment; early risk management; scope definition; continuity from front end planning to project management planning; contemporary issues in early planning.This course also provides the opportunity for you to examine aspects of front end planning as negotiated with your lecturer.

Through your critical engagement with diverse case studies, both local and international, you will develop your knowledge of best practice in front end project management. In doing so you will apply your knowledge of project success factors and criteria to determine and justify effective front end planning. You will also enhance your negotiation and professional communication skills and decision making capability.

Objectives/Learning Outcomes/Capability Development

This course will develop the following program learning outcomes: 

  • Determine and apply knowledge of complex project management theory, principles and best practice to applied projects to contribute to the profession and discipline of project management
  • Critically analyse, synthesise and reflect on project management theory and developments, both local and international, to extend and challenge knowledge and practice
  • Professionally communicate and justify project scope, design, implementation, strategy and /or outcomes, engaging effectively with diverse stakeholders across a range of industry sectors
  • Apply the specialist knowledge and technical skills required to creatively address the diverse needs of project stakeholders, formulating innovative solutions and demonstrating independent and sound decision making related to your professional practice and the discipline
  • Utilise specific research and technical skills to strategically develop and implement project management strategies and solutions that are responsive to complex sustainable and economic theories and enhance project value, delivery and governance

 Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:


  • Analyse and apply front end planning theories and best practice to undertake effective front end planning in local and global contexts
  • Analyse, utilise and communicate project success factors and success criteria to deliver project success and value
  • Critically analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of the  front end planning process to advise key decision makers engaged in the front end planning process
  • Develop and apply front end planning techniques to enable the effective management of projects


Overview of Learning Activities

You will develop your knowledge of front end planning primarily through your engagement with a series of case studies. You will participate in diverse learning activities that are designed to suit a wide range of learning styles and develop advanced, complex knowledge and skills.

In particular, you will prepare and discuss multiple case studies with your peers, which will develop your critical knowledge of front end planning and enhance your project management and leadership skills. Your learning will be fostered through your active participation in class discussions as facilitated by your lecturer and your own critical self-reflection. By working in teams you will further develop your professional communication, analytical and negotiation skills.

A major team project will be assigned for you to work within a group to develop a tool based on an established method for defining scope. You will be required to analyse readings in preparation for lectures and workshops and actively contribute your interpretations and opinions both in class and online. Towards the end of the course, you will critically review a project from the front end planning perspectives as part of your individual work.

Overview of Learning Resources

Your learning in this course will be supported through critical readings of peer reviewed journal papers, lecture materials, relevant professional standards and project management texts. You will also be expected to source relevant readings through the RMIT University Library.

RMIT will provide you with resources and tools for learning in this course through our online systems.


Overview of Assessment

You will be assessed on how well you meet the course’s learning outcomes and on your development against the program learning outcomes.

Assessment may include, but is not limited to, individual or group based project work, case study analysis, class presentations and reflective journals.

The assessments in this course are designed to facilitate your high level and independent learning.

Your assessed learning will require you to apply knowledge and skills which include:

  • Discussing and critically analyse situations (case studies) in project management and propose solutions;
  • Understanding what effective front end planning is and what should be done to achieve this;
  • Developing a practical tool that can be used in the front end planning of real projects

Feedback will be provided throughout the semester in class and/or online discussions, through individual and group feedback on practical exercises and by individual consultation.

If you have a long term medical condition and/or disability it may be possible to negotiate to vary aspects of the learning or assessment methods. You can contact the Program Manager or the Disability Liaison Unit if you would like to find out more.

A student charter summarises your responsibilities as an RMIT student as well as those of your teachers.

Your course assessment conforms to RMIT assessment principles, regulations, policies, procedures and instructions which are available for review online:;ID=qwxbqbg739rl1