Course Title: Business Skills for Start Ups

Part A: Course Overview

Course Title: Business Skills for Start Ups

Credit Points: 12.00

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City Campus


650T Vocational Business Education


Sem 1 2017

Course Coordinator: Fida Chahda

Course Coordinator Phone: +61 3 99255816

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Course Coordinator Location: City Campus 80.4.02

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Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities


Course Description

Course Description

 This is a skills based elective. It provides a sound understanding of how to start up your own business. You will study the foundations of small business in association with your chosen field along with subjects that enhance your knowledge, skills and expertise in developing, managing and growing your entrepreneurial venture. It will present you with the skills and knowledge to undertake key business related activities in various roles that include small business development and contract work, consulting, freelancing, design, working as an artist, securing project work and/ or to increase employment prospects/ opportunities in the public or not for profit sectors.

In this course you will design your own entrepreneur learning and undertake subject matter that will help you:

- Understand and communicate to your clients

- Learn key networking skills and how to collaborate with industry professionals

- Create and raise your creative / technical profile

- Comply with legal and regulatory requirements in Australia

- Use effective time management skills

- Understand pricing strategies for your time and work

- Develop an appreciation of the importance of understanding your revenue and expenditure in your chosen industry.

- Design and execute campaign strategies to support yourself and/ or your business viability

- Understand your industries and create business opportunities

- Enhance your entrepreneurial capabilities

 The practical approach of this course gives you the opportunity to interact with real entrepreneurs and receive real industry experience.

Objectives/Learning Outcomes/Capability Development

This course will help you develop your ability to:-

  • Identify, understand and interpret business concepts
  • Problem solve using design thinking concepts and strategies
  • Critically analyse and evaluate business ideas, marketing plans and financial records
  • Communicate ideas, intentions and outcomes clearly to a variety of audiences utilising a range of oral, visual representation and written communication modes.


On successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  1. Apply design and creative thinking to develop a small business concept
  2. Develop a targeted marketing plan for your enterprise
  3. Understand and apply the relevant legal and regulatory requirements associated with your enterprise
  4. Develop a detailed financial and operational plan for the enterprise
  5. Effectively use communication platforms including social media to promote your enterprise

Overview of Learning Activities

Learning activities in this course include face to face lectures, guided class discussion and workshops, written exercises and online learning through forums and posting of current or topical articles. You will also undertake guided and self directed research and engage in peer feedback .

Overview of Learning Resources

You will be provided with class handouts and recommended readings. You will be required to source relevant material for class discussions and completion of assessment tasks.

Overview of Assessment

Assessment in the course will be project-based and will focus on your real or simulated small business concept/idea or career direction.   Your skills and knowledge will be assessed progressively using short skill-based tasks.   The final assessment will require you to create a presentation on your Business using an online presentation.