Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) Student Selection Procedures

Within the College of Business at RMIT University, the procedures outlined below are followed in selecting HDR candidates:

1. Preliminary information sharing with prospective research students (pre-enrolment)

When the College, or a School within the College, is marketing its research programs at events like Postgraduate Information Evening, or is approached by a prospective research student, discussions need to occur to first ensure that the field of research that the student is wishing to pursue is one that any of the respective Schools within the College has suitable expertise in and supervisory capacity to manage. Indeed with marketing our research programs, suitable prospective candidates are targeted for recruitment, that fall within our identified areas of research expertise (Research Expertise, Centres and Affiliations). Following discussion with the respective School HDR Co-ordinator, prospective students are then invited to submit an application to the research program deemed most suitable and a decision will then be made by the School whether to accept the student or not.

2. Offer made to a prospective student

The terms and conditions of any offer of enrolment into a HDR program within the College of Business at RMIT University are clearly spelt out to students in information they receive accompanying their letter of offer which they are advised to read thoroughly before accepting a place.

Prior to enrolment it is also necessary to ensure that the prospective student understands the terms and conditions of their enrolment and candidature and also has reasonable expectations about the facilities and resources that are available to support the them during their progress towards completion should they accept an offer to take up a place in a research program. Proper management of students’ expectations helps to ensure that problems do not arise later in a students candidature or where problems do occur that these are not fuelled and compounded by initial misunderstandings which can make such matters more difficult to resolve and may subsequently result in a student withdrawing from a program altogether.

3. Enrolment

Enrolment into any of the research programs offered by the College of Business is managed and administered by the Business Research Office (BRO) which is part of the Office of the Pro Vice Chancellor (Business). The BRO handles all administration matters related to a students candidature and also conducts an Induction program for all new research students. The Induction session is typically conducted by the Dean (Research) and all students are strongly recommended to attend.

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