A collection of digital assets or artefacts, that evidences the development of student learning, knowledge, skills and abilities over time.

ePortfolios, or electronic portfolios, are an online collection of evidence, work or information that shows the development of a students’ learning, knowledge, skills and abilities over time. Evidence can be presented in multiple digital formats, including text, images, videos and audio. ePortfolios can be kept as part of a course or subject, or can span across an entire field of study, e.g. a plumbing apprenticeship or an engineering degree.

The flexible and personal nature of ePortfolios enhances opportunities for students to demonstrate formal and informal learning and to be active in their transition to employment after graduation.

In the absence of a dedicated ePortfolio tool, Google Apps for Education (e.g. Docs, Sheets, Drive, Sites) provides ePortfolio capability, allowing students to collect artefacts of evidence of learning over time.

ePortfolios can be used for:

  • reflection and personal development,
  • assessment, e.g. work integrated learning activities,
  • collaboration with peers and external professionals,
  • work experiences, academic activities and career development.

Supporting career development

ePortfolios are an excellent tool for evidencing students’ skills and abilities developed in both formal and informal contexts. They can be used to provide evidence of employability skills and graduate capabilities, including communication, team work and professional practice skills, to support career development.

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