27 October 2015

Alice Niclolas, Exchange to Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Applied Science, Canada

Alice studied at Concodia University for the fall of 2013. She met some crazy people and had "an amazing experience".

RMIT Program: Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Applied Science

Global Program: Exchange

Destination: Montreal, Canada

"My journey began, by traveling solo from the west coast to the east coast of Canada, before arriving in Montreal for the fall semester. I realized quickly that Canadians love summer, the sun and the heat. Montreal is no exception, with festivals and events running everyday. Being over the age limit for on-campus accommodation, I found an apartment with a Mexican and a Korean. It could be said that our diverse household was the perfect symbol of what Montreal represents. Montreal is so diverse and multicultural, it is hard to find someone who has lived their whole life here, but it makes for great conversation, great people and life is never boring!

Outside of University I went for weekend trips to Toronto, national parks, Ottawa and did french classes & contemporary dance classes.

My favourite part of the experience was meeting crazy people and just hanging with them outside of university. And the SNOW!!! Living somewhere, where snow ploughs are the norm and puffy jackets are fashionable was an experience like no other.

After university finished I went traveling through more of Canada and then made my way down and through America, before flying home from San Francisco. I wish I could have spent more time there. It was an amazing experience and I would advise everyone to do it! "

Exchange in Canada

Image by exchange student Alice Niclolas