19 September 2013

Myki cards are now available on metropolitan buses

Buying and topping up a myki is now easier than ever.

The price is $6 for a full fare myki and $3 for a concession. If you need to top up, you can choose between $1 and $20. Purchase and top up are with cash only.

If you buy a myki on board for immediate travel, you must also top up and touch on for that trip. Remember, a myki is not valid for travel if it cannot be touched on for any reason, including negative balance or card defect.

According to Bus Association Victoria, fare evasion on buses is currently increasing. If you travel without a valid myki, the authorised officers may issue a non-compliance report followed by an infringement notice from Public Transport Victoria.

Always travel safely and responsibly. For more information, go to Public Transport Victoria.

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